President Trump: Capitol Officials Controlled by Pelosi Rejected My Recommendation of 10,000 National Guard for January 6 Because of Optics
Trump: Joe Biden Opens America to Refugees, Keeps Americans in Lockdown
Gen. Flynn And Sidney Powell Drop Truth Bombs In New Podcast Video

Retired Marine’s On Biden: “Biden Is Perpetuating Disgusting Views About Military & Law Enforcement.”
44% of Libs Believe Police Killed 1,000 or More Black Men in 2019: It Was Actually 25
Report: At Least 17 Shot, Four Killed, Friday into Sunday Across Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
MUST WATCH: Portland Woman Attacked In The Streets For Daring To Tell ANTIFA To ‘Go F**k Itself’ [VIDEO]

Watch: Biden Becomes Visibly Confused Mid-Speech, Says ‘What Am I Doing Here?’
Biden’s Handlers Bomb Syria: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Back

Priest: Joe Biden Is ‘Most Aggressively Anti-Catholic President in History’

Video: Dems Set Out to Censor Conservative TV Channels
The Media’s Shameful Cover-Up of Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal
MSNBC Hate: Republicans Are Skeptical of Big Government Because They’re Racist

Nets Ignore Biden’s New Kiddie Kennels for Migrant Children at the Border
CBS Refuses to Show Shipping Containers Biden Stores Migrant Kids In

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