Democrats Play Women For Fools



Some women want to be lied to. It is a staple cliche of comedy. “Do I look fat in this?” the wife asks the husband, showing him her new dress. And if the husband tells her the truth, she is furious. I suppose the point is that his feeling state — his love for her — is supposed to supersede the reality. He loves her, and therefore she seems svelte and beautiful to him even if the dress is unflattering.

All of which is fine when you’re dressing for dinner, not so good in the realm of politics. In politics, if your feeling state supersedes reality, you are a fool.

Democrats are playing women for fools.

Consider the flattering lies they tell. Women “have a right to be believed” when they claim they’ve been raped. Really? Are women some sort of sparkly, magical creatures incapable of lying about big things and small like actual human beings? It is no accident that this remark was made by Hillary Clinton, a woman who preserved her husband’s political career by trying to destroy the stories of the many women who accused him of abuse. READ MORE

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