Employees Want Seattle-Based Media Company Maven To Shut Down ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Website


Well, that didn’t take long. Here is their new site https://bluelivesmatter.blue/

Leave it to Democrats to want to silence people. BLUE LIVES MATTER will be back bigger and better. A great source for news.

Geek Wire:

Maven, the Seattle-based media company that publishes Sports Illustrated, among other magazines, is hearing from employees upset about a pro-police website that is part of the company’s portfolio.

The Daily Beast reported on Friday that Maven staffers want the plug pulled on the site called Defense Maven, which is also known as Blue Lives Matter. The site covers police-related news and is run entirely by active, former, and retired law enforcement officers and their families, according to its about page.

In the midst of nationwide protests calling for police reform in the wake of the killing of a black man by a white officer in Minneapolis, Maven employees are reportedly upset about some of the content and comments on the Blue Lives Matter site.

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According to the Daily Beast and accounts from staffers at an all-hands meeting last week, Maven CEO James Heckman initially defended the site as a way to promote open dialogue and empower “both sides of hot issues.” But he later reportedly said he would seek approval from the company board to remove Blue Lives Matter from the Maven platform. READ MORE


This is what they currently have on the home page of their website.



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