Chinese Virus: China Skins, Boils, Torches, Barbeques & Eats Millions Of Dogs (And Cats) ALIVE Every Year


The more I research, the worse it gets for dogs in China. China has no nationwide animal protection laws. Not only do they eat dogs, but they torture them before and while “preparing the meat.”

“They’ll usually start with the legs because it doesn’t kill the dog, so it means that the adrenaline is pumping around the dog’s system.

“They believe that the longer they can keep the dog alive while they’re preparing the meat, the better it will be for them.” READ MORE

‘POOLS OF BLOOD’ Inside China’s brutal dog meat trade where live dogs have legs hacked off and are blowtorched to make snacks


Sadly, it’s not just highly populated China cooking dogs and cats alive and torturing them. But it’s most of Asia. Many of the dogs are stolen, diseased, and or have rabies. So that means people in China and Asia eat diseased dog meat. Stealing and torturing dogs in China is not against the law nationwide. Only 2 Chinese cities and Taiwan have animal protection laws and don’t eat dogs and cats.

China and parts of Asia skin, boil, blowtorch, barbeque, eat (and God only knows what else) at least 30 million Dogs & Cats ALIVE every year. They also beat dogs to death. China eats tortured dog meat. They torture dogs and cats for entertainment and superstition, and it’s legal. Men and women in China also have sex with dogs which is legal too. And it appears to be getting worse. The longer China has no nationwide animal protection laws, the worse it gets.

Check out most of the diseases that dogs and cats carry, including strains of coronavirus Canine and Feline Suspect Infectious Diseases Chart. Many people in China also eat animals ALIVE. So the Chinese Virus isn’t going away, and there is a good chance many more will appear.

The Yulin Dog Torture Festival is in June. They will brutally murder a lot of dogs. I’ve heard from 15,000 – 100,000 dogs. They love making dogs suffer and cooking them ALIVE. It is a 9 day Dog Torture Festival.


I’m convinced how many in China and Asia look at and treat dogs, cats and wildlife is a mental health disorder.  It’s not cultural, it’s criminal. But the Communists allow it.


China and Asia are abuse animals for food and for fun. A very disgusting practice.










The internet and social media used to NOT allow these videos and photos to be seen. I’ve been suspended and banned from social media so many times for posting these types of photos in the past. But I noticed a few brutal posts and videos on social media recently so I was reminded. I am not blocking it out this time.

I’ve seen, on video, men in China boil, torch, barbeque, and skin dogs ALIVE way too many times. I’ve seen them hang dogs by their necks then skin and gut them ALIVE. Ever heard of a dog slaughterhouse in China or Asia? Google it. It’s worse than you can imagine. The look on the poor dogs faces while men laugh. They are crying and screaming in pain. Savages in China and parts of Asia love it. Eating and cooking LIVE animals is what they do at a Wet Market. It’s a sport and they have a huge festival dedicated to it. Nothing like eating a live animal and freshly barbequed dogs that were ALIVE when they were cooked.

People keep telling me it’s cultural. Oh really. So when Chinese families have their animals stolen from them just to have them torched, skinned, barbequed, and boiled to death, that is cultural? Sounds criminal. And like some serious human and animal rights abuses.

Animal cruelty in China is one issue that the left and right can agree on. There are so many photos and videos online these days.  I have posted some below and will update this blog when I can with more photos and videos.

After stuffing dogs and cats in cages, one on top of the other, for days, they are pissing and shitting all over each other. Sitting there in pain and scared.  Then the men in China violently stack the cages with 5-12 or so dogs, in one cage, in tall trucks. The precious dogs get a taste of the wind blowing on them and some rest. But when the trucks arrive at the meat market, the men push the cages off the tall truck. Breaking the dogs’ bones and laughing. Then they take them out and hang them by their necks while they skin their fur off. If the dogs (and cats) survive the skinning, they are left stumbling around, bleeding, hairless, and confused while men laugh.

Cultural my ass. This issue needs world intervention. But the World Commies and most of the media justify and ignore it. They sure as hell don’t fight it…yet.

As you will see in some of the photos and video below,  dogs and cats are boiled alive in water. And if they survive they run around with burned skin and no hair. Please research this subject on your own and send me things to post if you can. But DO NOT try to justify it or change the subject.

How China treats cats, dogs, and all wildlife is unacceptable and must stop. This is about dogs, cats, and wildlife in China. And ending China’s insanity and savagery. The people who do this need to be locked up. This is not normal and it’s not okay.

China allowing people to eat live animals of all types is why we call it China Virus!  The fact China barbeques, skins, boils, torches and eats dogs, cats, and wildlife ALIVE is why we call it China Virus. And every time you hear about it, I want you to picture some people in China (not Chinese Americans) eating, torching, skinning, barbequing, and boiling cats and dogs ALIVE while some laugh and others cry.

Please get involved and show everyone what some people do to animals in China and Asia.

‘POOLS OF BLOOD’: Inside China’s brutal dog meat trade where live dogs have legs hacked off and are blowtorched to make snacks

Defenceless dogs scream in agony as they are boiled ALIVE for sick trade in meat

VIDEOS of dogs skinned, torched, boiled ALIVE and more

Horrific footage of a yelping dog being barbecued alive at a Chinese market is shared by activists calling for an end to the barbaric trade in dog meat

Yulin dog eating festival: 3000 dogs skinned alive, blow-torched then served-up as food

Make animal cruelty illegal in China.





The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, 











Even Canada eats dogs and cats.





The above photos are not isolated incidents. It happens every second of the day to dogs, cats, and other wildlife in China and parts of Asia. An estimated 30 million cats and dogs per year. I’m sure they treat all animals this way because China and Asia have no nationwide animal protection laws!

Boycott China until they stop eating and torturing live animals. Dogs and cats are pets. I want to see more pets like this below in China.



Then on top of all this LIVE animal cooking and eating,  people in China are allowed to eat animals that they should not eat, and are SPREADING NEW VIRUSES around the world.

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