First Chinese City Bans Eating Cats And Dogs After Coronavirus Pandemic


Not only do people in China and parts of Asia eat dog and cat, but they also cook and eat them ALIVE. They boil, barbeque, torch, and skin tens of millions of dogs (and cats) ALIVE every year. And they beat many of these dogs to death for “more tender” meat. They also eat diseased dog meat and with rabies. This behavior is uncivilized, inhumane, and barbaric. It must be stopped all over the world.

Trust but verify.

Daily Caller:

Shenzhen, China is the first city in the country to ban eating cats and dogs after the novel coronavirus pandemic was linked to eating wildlife.

The news comes after Chinese wet markets have reportedly reopened and continue to sell animals such as bats, cat and dogs. This is despite Chinese authorities banning the sale and consumption of wild animals in February, following the global outbreak.

The city of Shenzhen took Chinese authorities’s ban even further and announced that it will include cats and dogs, BBC reported. The city will begin enforcing this ban on May 1 READ MORE

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