Georgia Officer Gets Run Over By Illegal Alien With Four Prior DUI’s


Every single day, ILLEGALS commit horrible crimes on Americans in the USA. Yet Democrats fight against securing our borders. and stopping illegal immigration.

This ILLEGAL alien had 4 DUIs but is still in the US.!

Joe Biden said ICE shouldn’t deport drunk-driving ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Law Enforcement Today:

Georgia – In Norcross, Georgia, Gwinnett County police recently arrested a 26-year-old male suspect from Lawrenceville who stands accused of running down a police officer with his car at a club early Saturday morning.

Reports indicate that the officer injured was off-duty at the time when he tried to inhibit an individual from driving drunk, resulting in the suspect allegedly running over the officer. At this point, investigators have commented that the suspect involved might not be a legal resident of the country.

Police revealed the identity of the suspect implicated in the assault of a Gwinnett County police officer and an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office. Ivan Montalvo is alleged to have run over Gwinnett County police officer Lt. Edward Restrepo twice while just outside of the Chiquititas Lounge in Norcross Saturday morning. READ MORE

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