LIAR Tulsi Gabbard (D) On Venezuela: Danger In USA Defending The WILL Of The People


by Santiago Mairena

So what’s next, Tulsi Gabbard? You’re a war vet, you should know about weapons and their rightful uses, right? Should they be used to defend the WILL of the People (Venezuelan OR American, for that matter) or to oppress them and watch idly by?

This is ONE of the crazy 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. Is this the sort of politician America wants? I don’t think so. Your lies are evident, Gabbard!

This woman is a shame. She’s the Representative from Hawaii and it seems if it was up to her, Hawaii would break away from the USA and join Polynesia or something!

So Dems have done it again. They manage to put out the worst of the worst. America needs to wake up. As a Venezuelan living in Venezuela I feel so insulted by this that I can’t believe what she says. Martha MacCallum tells her that Pres. Donald Trump has said it’s not a coup d’état, that it’s the will of the Venezuelan people being defended and that WE VENEZUELANS are left without electricity or water supply for many days in row, and still she manages to avoid the previous comment and say “it’s a danger for the USA.”

No it’s not a danger. It’s what’s fair. The USA has always stood for the oppressed worldwide, it’s part of the American identity as a Nation. What if America had not helped Poland or France during WWII, I wonder? What if Britain was left alone against the Nazi threat? Actually, Ukraine was abandoned during the Cold War at the hands of the Soviets, and they got murdered during the Holodomor (Ukrainian for “genocide by starvation”).

So what is this “war vet” (a spineless coward it seems) proposing?

So again, it’s not a danger. The true DANGER lies in doing nothing. Venezuela was a rich and prosperous Nation during the 70’s and 80’s, and now is sewer because of Communism. Also because of Terrorism, so the true DANGER TO AMERICA is to remain idle in the face of the real and factual threats to American National Security:

  • Palestinian Hamas,
  • Lebanese Hezbollah,
  • Colombian FARC and ELN (terrorists and drug-dealers),
  • Spanish ETA (Basque separatists),
  • The Cartel of the Suns (drugs sent Northwards to AZ, TX and FL),
  • Chinese gold exploiters (armed),
  • Iranian uranium miners (armed),
  • Russian mafias and death squads,
  • Cuban G2, Black Wasps and colonists (armed and anti-America)

These up here are some of the REASONS America NEEDS TO ACT. We Venezuelans might be getting the worst part of it right now, but in a near future the attacks could begin to materialize against the USA. These very real THREATS are as of right now WITHIN the continental shelf. So this president wanna-be Gabbard should get the answers she’s begging for. Martha MacCallum should have been much more severe with her.

So “long-standing relations” with Russia and China is a good thing? Uh, no it’s not Tulsi! It’s even more scary. S300 missiles sold by Russia to Chavez and Maduro’s failed Communist regime 10 years ago. Scarier! “Wage another counter-productive regime-change war”. Again, and  just told you, the threats are against the USA, so if it’s not to rid the Venezuelan people of a Socialist pest that’s murdering them, at least support it to keep the American people safe, or was that not your own mission as part of the military?

Look at her smile when she says “concerned about the Venezuelan people as we all are”. This woman is clearly insane. She should not even be allowed to run for president because of mental inability! We Venezuelans have indeed made the decision to oust Maduro. We’ve made it. Will the USA help? Seems if it was (which THANK OUR GOOD GOD it’s not) up to Gabbard, no. We will see about that…

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