Louisville Store Owner In Viral Video: ‘I Refuse To Be A Victim’


We literally have people around the country trying to force people to say Black Lives Matter. But we all should know that BLM is NOT about Black Lives. Even if it was, you don’t make people say something. BLM are violent bullies. These are not smart people either.

BLM is an Anti-American Marxist Communist group who has raised over a billion dollars & only helps black criminals who resist arrest, do drugs, & commit crimes etc…

BLM is trying to force people to say Black Lives Matter. LOL F*cking idiots. This is beyond weird.

Don’t be a Brainwashed Lying Marxist.

NY Post:

Fadi Faouri has slept in his store in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, for 122 straight nights, trying to protect a livelihood that is nearly destroyed.

“Napping” may be a better way to describe it, he said, since he rarely gets more than a few minutes of shuteye at a time.

“If I leave my store, I leave to go home, take a shower, change my clothes and go back,” he told the Post.

It’s been this way since springtime, when the nation erupted with protests following the May 25 death of George Floyd. In Louisville, the death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police when they raided her apartment March 13, was joined with Floyd’s as a rallying cry for demonstrators.

The protests are often violent, said Faouri, 38, whose store is less than a half-mile from the park that’s been the center of the protests.


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