March 20, 2019: Venezuela’s Current State Of Affairs


Shadows begin to shift, beyond a doubt. Darkness will cease to encompass us, for God’s Light has given clear signs for us. The miracle unfolds before our awe-filled eyes. It’s been some horrible weeks lately, but nothing too different from the previous years. This dark regime is dwindling and close to collapsing completely –although it’s as they say, the night is always darker before dawn.

Also, a cornered beast will retaliate until permanently put down, and hurt as many as it can, as bad as it can. That’s what Maduro and the criminals around him are doing right now, taking down as many of us as they can, for they hate us deeply.

We are Venezuela, the Nation that did not succumb to Castro’s ambitions in the 70’s and 80’s, and a country that’s been theirs for too long now, but no longer; change is coming, and the worms know it. They begin to flee like maggots from a wound that’s being tended to, and they know far too well they will not survive this.

By Yago Mairena

I was thinking “what can I tell them I’ve not told them already?” Are we Venezuelans not on every TV station news broadcast every half hour or so? Yes, yes we are, but there’s a catch to it all; the Left propaganda machine, as wicked as always and on par with Mao Zedong’s Chinese original version of it, has been given a ruthless mobilization order: They are to besiege President Donald J. Trump’s moves and warnings about Venezuela, to silence him as much as they can, for as long as they can.

That’s on the American level. On the international level, it will follow the lines set forth by the worthless, cowardly and lying scum at Russia Today (RT) and it’s South American subsidiary TeleSur; they will keep lying, telling a tale where it’s all perfectly fine and shiny and oozing with progress in a socialist paradise. They’ve done it inside Venezuela with VTV all these years. They will do so until they stop drawing breath. That’s what worms and snakes, vipers and rats do.

That’s the order Caracas’ usurpers were given from Havana, and the one they all mean to implement; to hold out and weather the storm. There’s one thing they are not taking into account: This is no mere storm, it’s the wrath of our God himself showering down upon usurpers, murderers and creatures too devoid of fear of the God Most High to know what they are doing anymore. Fine. They will be washed away like rocks in a flood by our God’s justice, sooner (here on this good Earth) or later (before the Great White Throne).

They are allies, you see? The Democrats, the worldwide Left, the Castros. They are all interconnected, and they know the lies each of them have been telling will sink the rest if one of them goes down.

Ocasio-Cortez. Omar. Sanders. Many others, seen and unseen. These are the enemies of freedom and truth within America. They will go to as lengthy extents as needed to avoid the US of  taking action against the thugs and murderers who kidnap my people in Venezuela. Pelosi and the Clintons have been of late speaking for us Venezuelans and no longer against a very plausible military intervention; maybe they are looking to save their own necks now. Maybe they see the Castro-Maduro boat is about to sink, and jump off board like rats would.

There are, even worse, enemies who are supposed to rule above them (on international courts and assemblies): The “worldwide government” at the UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is no friend of democracy; he’s openly pro-Left and Communist. Even Koffi Anan or Ban Ki Moon were better matches for the Venezuelan debacle.

Even worse, on the ICC (International Criminal Court), there’s an African woman who’s supposed to be leading the case against Maduro and his cronies. Her name is Fatou Bensouda, but she’s so deep in Communist shit, so brainwashed, she’s forgotten what she calls her “mandate” and has begun to turn a blind eye towards the CRIMES committed in my homeland. She’s determined to let it all go under the table; she’s been “expertly” letting time go by and saying she’s found nothing against the drug-lords and drug-ladies of Venezuela: Maduro, Cabello, El Aissami, Delcy and Jorge Rodríguez, Varela, Arreaza, Saab… These dark and dirty names must start sounding familiar to the American general public; you need to know them, for these are enemies of the USA as well as ours. These are only a few of them, by the way.

I’ll explain as briefly as possible: Diosdado Cabello took part of the bloody coup-d’état that Chávez led in 1992; he’s been the top figure in the Cartel of the Suns; he led the National Assembly until ousted in 2015 and has been going in and out of the fake, parallel Constituent Assembly. Tarek El Aissami is the inside man from the Lebanese, Hamas and Hezbollah; one of the most dangerous men in the regime, with proven links to terrorism and overseer of their training in Venezuelan soil along with ETA, FARC and ELN, with whom he maintains close ties. Delcy “The Ugly” and Jorge Rodríguez, sister and brother; she’s Maduro’s VP (and acting “chancellor” before Russia, for instance) and he’s been known to lead the propaganda ministry, among other offices (an all-in-one shrink and psychopath, by the way). Dark, vile and twisted souls, the both of them.

I’m really sorry if this starts to sound like a novel, but it’s sadly facts. Varela is a “prisons” minister (if that even exists), as illiterate and ignorant as they come. She’s violent and rude all the time Has been said to have lovers among prisoners, whom she’s empowered; these are the infamous “pra-nes” (that’s how you pronounce it, as in “Prague” and “necessity”), so-called “leaders” of convicts that have taken prisons as their own all-in-one cassinos, castles and manors, where they maintain pools and monopoly over drugs and cigarettes and probably prostitutes. They are allowed out regularly, and given weapons to go and murder people on the streets, like in the very recent events of Santa Elena de Uairén, where they went and killed many pemón Indians who only wanted to reach the incoming humanitarian aid (from Brazil).

To make it short (and avoid indigestion), the last two little jewels on my list (among many more); Jorge Arreaza has been chancellor of Maduro and his own “envoy” and maid to the UN (where he recently met an empty room to throw his lies at), as well as husband to one of Chávez’s daughters (the ugliest one, whoever that is). Tarek William Saab has been acting “general attorney”, a post he takes advantage of to cover up for the regime and to persecute regular citizens and all who oppose them (he tried to open an “investigation” against the Legitimate and Constitutional President of the Republic Juan Guaidó Márquez, but has not succeeded or taken any sort of action, as the regime is under warning from the USA not to lay a finger on Pres. Guaidó).

Part II

If the UN was supposed to be taken as any sort of a guide, it all went down the drainpipe the minute a so-called “investigator” “concluded” in a “report” there were no evidences of violations of Human Rights, mismanagement or responsibility to be blamed on this abysmally incompetent regime, and even worse, it’s all supposed to be the fault of us the opposition, with our “economic war” and our digital sabotaging of analogic electric stations…

Sigh… It’s all really disheartening. I used to believe the UN was a force for good on this Earth. I went to MUN’s (Model United Nations) as a youth to debate passionately with my fellow students and simulate I was an “honorable” representative of a Nation before the United Nations. How wrong was I!

There are two more topics I need to lay out before those who read me: One is the misinformation and wrong characterization of events going on in some tight but maybe influential circles inside the US, and the other is the wrong terminology when it comes to sovereignty and possible military interventions.

First of all (and I will post both links at the end because I don’t want to interrupt my article with the stains of these “arguments”), what I said about the UN is being taken by a so-called “reporter” as a point against President Donald J. Trump’s actions for the People of Venezuela. This guy, a “doctor”, says the “report” I mentioned was being ignored. And how could it not? It says nothing is happening and basically the US wants to help imaginary people, removing any traces of credibility the UN was left with.

Second and in line with two paragraphs above, there are political movements of people maybe too far away to know or to actually care (or maybe too devoid of brains, or a combination of these) that have actually been speaking out against the USA taking action against the pathetic excuse for a government still in place in Venezuela. These Dems have been going to virtually unbelievable extents: They say they’d prefer to have donkey Maduro in power in America instead of President Donald J. Trump, who is an up and coming politician and a master businessman, who’s put his unparalleled skills at administration to make America shine again. These people really don’t know what they speak of! And let me be perfectly serious about this: They should be thrown in jail. They are National Public Threats. That’s what they are, no less.

It’s a sort of HERESY, an IDIOCY of the highest order (and a sort of treason to their own flag and fellow Americans) to even suggest an illiterate bus driver, an ILLEGAL ALIEN (from a foreign border town) who suffers from mild mental retardation should be put in place of a President who had no monetary or economic needs to even run for the Presidency (he already had all the money he could want for him and 5 more generations of his great family), but who did so in spite of it and in benefit of Making America Great Again, and the States a real and believable player in World politics once more, and a true economic powerhouse again.

That said, I find it beyond disgusting to campaign against the very lives of a people who have been under the heel of a dictatorship for far too long. As the video in the last link says: We Venezuelans have been fighting alone against too many for too long. This is NOT our fight, not ours alone; there are threats here I will not tire listing:

Hamas & Hezbollah (from Lebanon), FARC and ELN (from Colombia), ETA (Basque separatists in Spain) and various other forms of international terrorism. Cuban G2 agents (who basically direct it all), international drug cartels, drug-dealers from here to Texas (thru Salvador and the rest of Central America) and to Florida (thru the Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean).

These reasons alone make it more the DEA’s than just the business of the People of Venezuela. Oh but there’s so much more: Local cartels and chiefly among them the Cartel of the Suns (formerly the Bolivarian Cartel), as well as ties and bonds and links to the criminals of the World and their local MAFIAS here: The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Lebanese, the North Koreans, as well as Palestinian, Libyan and Syrian terror cells, among other actors from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). As if that was not much more than enough, we have our own national problems: Communist militia and corrupt National Guard, “colectivos” and other forms of regime-organized (and -armed!) groups, including “pranes” and convicts who’ve been set loose and given weapons to terrorize the citizenry. Can somebody please tell me how this is our fight alone?

And that, my friends, leads us to the final stage of this article: The use and mischaracterization of what National Sovereignty and appendix terms mean. Delusional and reality-dissociated Leftists usually argue (or at least try to) that elements like “self-determination” of the Peoples, non-interventionism and National Sovereignty are for them and not against them, but they could not be more wrong.

The self-determination of the Venezuelan people has been trampled over and kidnapped for too many years now. It is not we who decide, but the tyrants and dictators and the friends of murderers who sit atop our society, keeping us in chains. The usurpers; they’ve been called that openly now, but they’ve usurped power and votes (which they change and modify to their whims) for many years. It’s true that Chávez came to power legitimately, but that does NOT mean he stayed there legally; he rigged the National Electoral System from very early in his mandate, and managed to stick to power like a tick to the skin of a dog. His regime became a parasite long ago, and willingly opened the doors the infernal island: Cuba.

So yes, they speak of anti-Imperialism as if it’s their thing, but it really is not. The USA is not coming as an “Empire”, but as a friend to liberate the Venezuelan people from the yoke of these little men and their worldwide allies of terror and viciousness; with them comes Colombia and Brazil and the Netherlands at least (from their islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), and at most the whole wide democratic Free World, including but not limited to Canada, the Lima Group (most of our Latin American brothers and sisters) and most of Europe, with powers like Britain, Spain, Germany, France and Italy being VERY vocal against tyranny and usurpation here.

On the other hand, we’ve got the Cuban invasion, occupation and colonization of Venezuela; they’ve been here for nearly 20 years, sucking the very blood of my Nation like leeches. They managed to get thru at the invitation of Chávez, and some say they even killed him once they had amassed enough power within; they’ve taught Corps like SEBIN, FAES, CICPC and DGCIM how to do their dirty work, their dark bidding (they are master torturers, extortioners and literal kidnappers of people) and they’ve infiltrated our society and institutions like few other occurrences in History. To sum it up, they arrived in 2002 in force, they came and occupied it all, and have colonized us and blended with us in a blood-chilling way. They are even reported to train to lose their original “islander” accent and acquire our own.

These acronyms are important, so I’ll explain them a bit more. SEBIN is “Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia”, or Bolivarian Intelligence Service, corrupt to the bone and the counterintelligence arm of the Cuban-regime-in-Venezuela (yes, with dashes, for it’s the one entity that really rules over this country, not their retarded puppet Maduro). FAES is “Fuerzas de Acciones Especiales”, or Special Action Forces (these are the most violent brutes among the kidnapped “institutional” forces, and among the most feared for their repression and outright shameless “conscription” of our citizens). Then there is CICPC, “Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas”, Scientific Criminal Investigations Corp (which even saw rebels like Inspector Óscar Pérez and his group, may them rest in peace, take arms against the dark regime and be savagely slaughtered at the Massacre of “El Junquito”). At last there is DGCIM, or “Dirección General de Contrainteligencia Militar”, Military Counterintelligence General Directorate, that oversees investigations into rebellions or possible outcries within our own Venezuelan military, to assure it all remains as silent and obedient as a grave… It cannot be stressed enough, that all of these are directed and orchestrated from Cuba, from Havana, from the Castros and their “chairman” Miguel Díaz-Canel.

So there you have it. It’s called “Auto-determinación de los pueblos” in Spanish. Nothing of it is left here in Venezuela; it’s all been taken away by the Cubans and their terrorist friends from around the globe.

“Soberanía Nacional”. National Sovereignty. If any of my readers sees any of it left in this scenario, please let me know. I really see not a trace of it. In fact, it’s figurative “corpse” is being taken advantage of here to the most awful ends of all; to actually RAPE it, and grant it to a regime and a handful of people who really do not represent any of us anymore (they are still in power, but said to hold less than 10% of approval and diminishing rapidly). So they speak of Sovereignty, but whose? It’s definitely not the Nation’s. It’s not the People’s! No! It’s their own! It’s as if we were back 3 or 4 centuries in time, or as if Louis XIV of France had risen from the grave and shouted: “L’État, c’est moi!”, “¡Yo soy el Estado!”, I am [the State of] France.

I’ll conclude with the weakest of the Left’s statements: Non-interventionism. This is the reason the Right is rallying Worldwide behind President Donald J. Trump and his support for my people.

Of course, in a regular, everyday scenario (much more common in Europe, Japan or the States than Latin America) where National Sovereignty does rest with the Nation (the People), AND the Nation has decided on things thru elections, it is very much NOT likely at all for anyone to oppose that…

It’s actually a foundationally fucked up argument: That’s what happens on normal circumstances, but in the event of a crisis, a dictatorship and a hostage-situation like the one in place in Venezuela, it does make A LOT of sense for the USA, Europe and the rest of the Free World to denounce criminals and usurpers who would override the People’s will and impose their own. In which case, as you may have expected, this stupid argument, this scarecrow of international politics kicks in, and the friends of the tyrant can take out their non-intervention banners and shout their falsehoods.

The Right sees thru the lies. They (we) will not forever take the bait, and have begun to mobilize in favor of Venezuelans and our rights. To speak out in outrage against the usurpers who would murder us all before seeing us return to freedom. The Left, of course, forgets the much more compelling arguments, like “R2P”. Responsibility to Protect. That’s how it’s called. That’s the reason President Donald J. Trump has moved swiftly and determinately in favor of my People and against the usurpers and their pockets; it is the right and duty of the international community, by the principle of R2P to step up in favor of the weak when their rights are being systematically violated. It’s not a universally valid principle that “non-intervention” bullshit. If it were, then the United States of America would have never acted in favor of France or Poland during WWII, and even Britain would be speaking German these days.

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