MSNBC Host: Conservatives Favor Nuclear War To”Kill Democrats And Minorities”


Meanwhile, in reality, democrats kill future democrats and minorities every single day.

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A far-left MSNBC host accused conservatives of being “in favor of risking nuclear war” because “it will only kill Democrats and minorities,” subsequently walking back her suggestion after a strong public backlash.

Joy Reid lobbed the accusation directly at the National Review‘s David French, who, according to far-left outlets Newsweek and Rawstory, wrote an article telling people “not to worry about a potential nuclear strike because they live in America’s suburbs and countryside.”

“An article published Monday in the National Review reassures readers that nuclear war—and North Korea’s arsenal—shouldn’t cause them concern because a nuclear strike will mostly vaporize those in major cities while suburbanites will come out largely unscathed,” wrote Newsweek, which went on to note Trump voters do not live in major cities and re thus unlikely to die in a nuclear attack.

 Reid, never one to pass up an opportunity to accuse conservatives of being racist, suggested the apparent drive by conservatives to provoke a nuclear war with North Korea is a concerted plot to kill Democrats and minorities in major cities. SEE MORE

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