Must Know Headlines


Career Criminal Thanks New York Democrats For Law Freeing Him After 139th Arrest

Border Patrol Council President: We Want Cartels To Go Underground

Bernie Sanders Supporter Out On Bail After Trying
To Torch Republican Office in California

Team Trump Just Called A Halt To The
Obama-Era War On American Suburbs


Police: Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant
Son Rapes, Impregnates 11-Year-Old Cousin

Border Patrol Agents Find 26 Illegal Immigrants
Hiding Inside Tractor-Trailer In California, Officials Say

375,000 Illegal Immigrants
Who Entered With Family Members

Border Patrol Posts Multiple Reports Of Truck Loads
Of Illegal Aliens Smuggled Into US [PHOTOS]

ICE: Sanctuary California Hiding Details
In Accused Illegal Alien Child Abusers


Sanders Vows To Completely Stop The Building Of
What He Calls “The Racist And Ineffective Wall”

After Three Years of Hate, The Dems Have Lost It

Maxine Waters: Trump Will ‘Get Worse’ Post-Impeachment
— Will Bring Putin to White House ‘to Interfere’

Bernie Has A Really Dumb Reason For Not Wanting A Border Wall

School Erases Former President’s Name
And Replaces It With Michelle Obama

Democrat-Activist Media

Hilarious Video Montage of Media Slobbering Love Affair
With Convicted Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti

Sharpton’s Republican? Trump Speaks Out Of Butt, ‘Racist To The Core’

Media, Pundits Triggered By Trump’s ‘Taxpayer-Funded’ Daytona Lap In ‘The Beast’

Media Accuse Trump Of Politicizing Daytona 500

After Aiding His Hoaxes, NBC Downplays Avenatti’s Extortion Conviction

Global Warming Hardliner John Legend, Chrissy Teigen
Use Private Jet To Grab Valentines Day Dinner

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