Must Know Headline


FBI Offered To Pay Christopher Steele
‘Significantly’ To Dig Up Dirt On Flynn

Pittsburgh Vows To Clean Up Voter
Rolls With 1.6K Dead Registered Voters

Declassified Susan Rice Email Confirms Michael Flynn
Was Personally Targeted In Oval Office Meeting

Police Chief Warns Houston Is Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’
Violence Because Of The Pandemic

Globalists At Chamber Of Commerce: U.S.
Must Not  Reshore ‘All Production’ To The U.S.

Local News Report Faults State Of Michigan
For Poor Oversight Of Failed Dam


‘Both Of My Husband’s Parents Died Of COVID In Nursing
Homes.’ Fox News Meteorologist Demands An Investigation

Dershowitz Says Forced Coronavirus Vaccination Could Happen

Minnesota Governor Allows 50 People
In Restaurants But Limits Churches To 10

WH Press Sec. Calls Out Chris Cuomo For ‘Interestingly’
Taking ‘A Less Safe Version’ Of Hydroxychloroquine


Biden: Coronavirus A Chance To “Remake The
World” And “Rewrite The Social Contract”

Joe Biden’s Career-Long Love Affair With China

Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger’s
Club To Operate While Barber Loses License

DNC Chair: *Trump* Stealing Election By Not Allowing Cheat-By-Mail

Republicans Just Ousted Democrats In A
Virginia City That Voted For Obama Twice

Democrat Kamala Harris Introduces Resolution That Promotes
Chinese Communist Propaganda Talking Point About Coronavirus

Joni Ernst: Pelosi Slipped Millionaire Carveouts In
Coronavirus Legislation to ‘Shore Up’ Support for Democrats

Nancy Pelosi: Trump Is Like A Child With ‘Doggy Doo On His Shoes’

Donald Trump: Gretchen Whitmer Should
Free Michigan to Help Flood Victims

Democrat-Activist Media

6 Things Democrats And The Media Want
You To Believe About The Coronavirus

Kayleigh McEnany Calls Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo
On His Hypocrisy Over Coronavirus Medicine

Treatment of Ron DeSantis vs Andrew Cuomo
Is Why People Should Hate The Media

Mika Brzezinski Demands Twitter Erase ‘Sick,
Disgusting’ President Trump from Its Platform