Must Know Headlines


FBI Director: Chinese Espionage ‘Most
Significant’ Spy Threat Facing US

Tucker Carlson: Mexico Has Interfered In US
Elections ‘More Successfully’ Than Russia

A SET-UP? Deep State FBI Knew Russian Maria Butina
Was Working The NRA & Conservatives But
Did Not Warn Them She Was a Spy (VIDEO)

Sen. Rand Paul: Brennan Is ‘Most Biased,
Bigoted’ CIA Director In US History


Dems, Left Wing Media Claim Russian Hacking An ‘Act Of War’

Trump Stood Up To Putin, Obama Appeased Him

First Win For Trump-Putin Summit:
Agreement To Restrain Iran In Syria


After Pushing Gun Control, James Comey
Urges Americans To Vote Democrat

Lisa Page: China Hacked Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails

Only 18 Democrats Vote Yes On Resolution Supporting ICE

Seventy-Seven Times Barack Obama Was Wrong

Ellison: National Borders Create ‘An Injustice’
For ‘Regular People’ Seeking Higher Wages

Ocasio-Cortez Struggles To Define
‘Democratic Socialism’ On Univision

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez’s False Claim: Unemployment
Low Because ‘Everyone Has Two Jobs’

Dems Unhinged Over Trump/Putin Summit: ‘Stand
Up For This Country and Impeach This President’

Democrat-Activist Media

Facebook, Google, Twitter Don’t Know—Or Don’t Care—
If China Tried To Meddle In 2016 Election

CNN Fake News: #Walkaway From Democratic
Party Movement Is Russian Bot Campaign

Michelle Obama Teams Up With Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel
Miranda For Voter Registration Drive

Army General Schools CNN’s Cuomo On
Trump’s NATO, Russia Policies

Facebook And Google Censor Pro-Life Christians
While Pro-Abortion Liberals Get Free Reign

Rob Reiner: GOP ‘Fine With Trump Shooting An American On 5th
Ave…Giving Putin Gun To Shoot as Many Americans As He Wants’