Must Know Headlines


Bokhari: Why Tech Giants Aren’t The
Same As Christian Bakeries

Decomposing Body Found In Pillar Outside Grocery Store
Linked To Man Who Ran From Police In California

Donald Trump: There Is No Tape,
N-Word Not In My Vocabulary

The “N” Word Is In The News, But Why Don’t
The Other Letters Have Words?

Chief: 3 Officers Assaulted Over Weekend In Charlottesville

NM Terrorist Camp

New Mexico Child-Terrorist Camp Leaders Go Free:
Democrat Judge Sends Dangerous Jihadists Back Into Our Midst

Judge In New Mexico Compound Case Accuses
Prosecutors Of Anti-Muslim Discrimination


Pelosi On Trump: ‘His Whole Thing
Is Make America White Again’

Keith Ellison, Democratic Party Radical,
Takes Primary For AG In Minnesota

Democrats’ Sordid History Of Helping
Russia Infiltrate American Politics

Democratic Congresswoman: Trump
Racist for Calling Omarosa A ‘Dog’

Democratic Nomination for Governor

American Airlines Boots ‘Intoxicated’ ‘F**k Donald Trump’
Rapper YG from Flight, He Cries Racism

Democrat-Activist Media

 CNN Contributor: Criticism Of Muslims ‘Domestic Terror’

Antifa Shouts Down USA Today Reporter:
‘You Don’t Even Know Who the F*ck We Are!’

The Press Finally Starts Talking About
Antifa Attacks On The Press

Tucker Carlson And Tammy Bruce Condemn
CNN’s Cuomo For Excusing Antifa

CBS ‘Millennial Women’ Panel Only Includes
One Gun Owner (Who Wants Gun Control)

Facebook’s Boast Of Flagging 99% Of Terrorist Content
Obscures As Much As It Reveals, Experts Say