Must Know Headlines


96 Percent of Google Search Results For ‘Trump’
News Are From Liberal Media Outlets

Jacksonville Shooter Was Member Of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ –
Referred to Trump Supporters A “Trumptards” – Murdered 3 People

Court Docs Say Suspects From New Mexico Compound
Planned To Attack An Atlanta Hospital

New Mexico Compound Suspects Allegedly
Planned To Attack Atlanta’s Grady Hospital

Stalker Of Turning Point USA Arrested

Bolton Confirms That The U.S. Will Defund
UN Human Rights Office

ILLEGAL Immigration

 MS-13 Member Pleads Guilty To Murder For
Hacking Man To Death With Machete

ILLEGAL Alien In Chicago Raped 3 Women,
Evaded Deportation In 2012


Document: Nancy Pelosi Will Destroy Trump Presidency
with over 100 Investigations If Dems Win House

Texas Dem Beto O’Rourke Calls For
Legalizing Unauthorized Border Crossings

Democrat-Activist Media

Nolte: CNN’s Jim Sciutto Busted For
Two Fake News Scoops In One Week

Baltimore Sun Columnist Says Press Should
Assume Donald Trump Is Always Lying

‘Preacher’ Finale Features Nazi Wearing MAGA Hat

CNN Politicizes Shooting After
Fretting GOP ‘Politicizing’ Tibbetts

Oprah Winfrey Thinks “Choosing Love”
Means Killing Unborn Babies in Abortion

Facebook Censors NY Post Article On Why
Trump Supporters Will Vote For Him In 2020

Celebs Erupt At NRA, Trump After Jacksonville
Shooting: ‘Gun-Humping Death Fetishists’