Must Know Headlines


FBI Arrests 5 From New Mexico Compound On Firearms Charges

Chicago Priests Arrested For Performing
Oral Sex In Car In Broad Daylight

TEXAS DOCTORS At Kavanaugh Hearing Say
They Saw Liberal Protesters Paid “With
A Literal Bag Of Cash” (VIDEO)


CNN: NFL And Nike Sign 8-Year Contract For Uniforms

Nike: The Social Justice Slave Labor Shoe That Hates America

ILLEGAL Immigration

Massive MS-13 Bust In California:
Establishment Media Ignores, CA Dems Seek To Avoid
Labels For Violent Criminal ILLEGALS

Illegal Aliens Arrested In St. Louis In
Massive Counterfeit Bank Card Scam

Portland Mayor Denies Assistance To ICE,
Violates City’s Equal Protection Policy


Chuck Schumer On Trump Impeachment:
‘The Sooner The Better’ (VIDEO)

Liberals Accuse Woman Sitting Behind Kavanaugh
Of Being A White Supremacist –She’s Actually A Hispanic
Descendent Of Holocaust Survivors

 Video || Kavanaugh Hearing Begins; Booker,
Harris Immediately Start Running For President

Dick Durbin Admits: Democrats Plotted To Disrupt
Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing

Democrats Introduce The Black Ocasio-Cortez

Ellison Chased From Own Event Over Abuse Claims

Diane Feinstein Falsely Claims She Put Women
In Jail for Having Illegal Abortions

Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour
Arrested At Kavanaugh Hearing

Democrat-Activist Media

Nancy Pelosi Rebukes NPR Reporter For
Asking Her About Speaker’s Job

Twitter: Trump Not Immune From Being Banned

ABC Praises ‘Carefully Choreographed’
Kavanaugh Obstruction By Dems

The List Of CNN’s Bungled Reporting
Is A Sight To Behold

Hollywood Melts Down During Kavanaugh
Hearings: ‘Motherf***ing Soulless GOP Scum’

Facebook ‘Employee Error’ Responsible
For PragerU 99.9999% Drop In Reach