Must Know Headlines


Google Thinks Trump Is An Authoritarian – Yet Google
Is Helping The Chinese Government Target Its Own Citizens

 Spanish-Speaking Clerk At Taco Bell In Florida,
Refused Service To Black Couple (VIDEO)

121,965,000 On Government Health Insurance;
52.2% Of Those With Incomes Under $75,000

The Manafort Plea Is No Big Deal

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Migrant Family Crossings Rival Former Surges

Meatpacking Plant Owner Pleads Guilty To Employing
Illegal Aliens: 
Faces Up To 20 Years In Prison 

Sheriff Makes Secret Deal With ACLU
To Stop Detaining Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Alien Wanted On Three Counts Of Raping
His Teen Daughter Caught Breaking Back Into U.S.


Hey Obama, Where Did My Ten Trillion Dollars Go?

Democrats Try to Trash Bret Kavanaugh With False Sexual
Harassment Claims Like They Did Clarence Thomas

Kerry Trashed Trump Amidst Iran Row “8-Year Old
Boy With Insecurity Of A Teenage Girl”

Democrat-Activist Media

The Most Underreported Stories Of The Week [VIDEO]

New York Times On Roaring Trump
Economy: Change How It Is Measured

Jennifer Rubin: Trump ‘Killed’ The Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

MSNBC ADMITS That Democrats Need To Fear Mid-Terms

After Him Carrey Goes All In On Socialism,
Venezuelan Journalist Hits Back With Harsh Fact Check

Trump-Basher Kathy Griffin To Receive
‘Comedian Of The Year’ Award

Media Politicize Florence, Blame Trump
For Storms, Predict Mass Death

New York Times Spreads Fake News
About Nikki Haley’s $52,701 Curtains