Must Know Headlines


Supreme Court Opens New Term Without Ninth Justice In Place

Watch The Matrix-Breaker Kanye West Refuse
To Be Bullied By NBC’s Saturday Night Live

USMCA: U.S. And Canada Reach Basis Of Deal To
Replace NAFTA Hours Before U.S.-Mexico Deadline


HERE Is The COMPLETE LIST Of Inconsistencies And Lies
That Prove Christine Ford’s Accusations Against
Judge Kavanaugh Belong In A Trash Heap

BREAKING: Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell COMPLETELY

Third Kavanaugh Accuser Has Extensive Legal History

It Was Heartbreaking’: Friend Of Kavanaugh
Reacts To Hearings, FBI Probe

Sexual Predators And Their Accomplices Go After Kavanaugh:
From Hillary Clinton to George Soros

Ari Fleisher; Dems Who Accused Kavanaugh Of Gang
Rape Would Be ‘Led Away By The Marshal’ In Court


Trump: Democrat The ‘Party Of Crime,’
Radical Socialism, Open Borders

Democrats Plan To Impeach Kavanaugh If He’s
Confirmed, Former Hillary Aide: “He Will Not Serve For Life”

Still Lacking Evidence Of Sexual Assault, Democrats
Now Want Kavanaugh Investigated For Perjury

Rand Paul Calls For Investigating Of Maxine Waters Staffer Doxxing

Democrats Preparing An Abuse Of Tax Power If They Take The House

Former Massachusetts Democrat Senator
Awaiting Corruption Trial Found Dead

ILLEGAL Immigration

Deported Illegal Alien Sentenced To 50 Years For
Killing Beloved Football Coach, Father Of Six

ICE Arrests 40 Illegal Aliens In New England, Including
Guatemalan Accused Of Strangling Pregnant Woman

3 Illegal Aliens Charged With Meth,
Heroin Trafficking In California

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Cuts Feed As ‘SNL’ Credits Roll And
Kanye Delivers Pro-Trump Speech

CNN Comes In 10th Place On Primetime,
Even After Banner News Week

‘Shameless’ Paints Trump Supporters As Bigots

MSNBC’s Deutsch On Kavanaugh:
Rich Guys Don’t ‘Get’ It, Poor Guys Do