Must Know Headlines


Islam Has The Answer to the #MeToo Problem, Says Iran’s Ayatollah

Wikipedia Bans Any Use Of Breitbart Links In Articles

Refugee Admissions In First Fiscal Year Of Trump
Administration Lowest n History Of Program

MS-13 Member Gets Life In Prison For Murder, Racketeering

Anti-Trump Protesters Declare Mexico First


Under Penalty Of Felony: Ex-Boyfriend Contradict’s
Ford’s Sworn Testimony On Polygraph Coaching

Christine Blasey Ford Refuses To Hand Over
Therapy Notes Until FBI Interviews Her

Report: Blasey Ford Best Friend Also Career FBI Agent

The White House Has Seen The FBI Report And Is
Now ‘Fully Confident’ Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Former ACLU Leaders Blast ‘Appalling’
Anti-Brett Kavanaugh Ad Campaign

The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological
Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

Julie Swetnik’s Former Fling: She Enjoyed Sex With Multiple Men
At Once And Isn’t Telling The Truth About Brett Kavanaugh

Nomination Expert: ‘Hundreds’ Of People Have Been
Asked About Kavanaugh Drinking Habits By FBI

Former Classmate Of Kavanaugh’s Reaching Out To FBI ABout
Text Messages Is An Elected Democrat In Connecticut


GOP Doxxing Suspect Arrested; Worked Or
Interned For Feinstein, Jackson Lee, Other Dems

Democrats Fight Trump To Preserve Cartels’
Migrant-Smuggling Business

Planned Parenthood Contributed $126,886 To Democrats
On Judiciary Committee; $0 To Republicans

Obama’s Social Experiments Are Wreaking Havoc On America Today

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks, CNN Ignore Letter From Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend
That Raises Question About Her Sworn Testimony

Hate Update: WashPost Rolls Out The Red
Carpet For Castrate-The-GOP Professor

CLUELESS Alyssa Milano: Thinks Trump, GOP
Institutionalizing Sexual Abuse But Not Hollywood

Whoopi Goldberg: Trump Is Taking A ‘Giant Dump’ On
America — He Is ‘Not A President I Recognize’

Actor John Leguizamo Triggered By Breitbart
News Stories Showing Up In Google Results

Spartacus Returns To Hollywood: Cory
Booker Turns To Celebs For 2020 Cash

CNN’s Camerota Asks If ‘It’s Time To
Start Worrying About Kanye’