Must Know Headlines


Collusion Bombshell: DNC Lawyers Met With FBI On
Russia Allegations Before Surveillance Warrant

Accused Doxxer Of GOP Senators Allegedly Threatened
To Publish Lawmakers’ Children’s Health Info

Video || How Justice Thomas Handled
The Anita Hill Allegation

‘Free Speech Evaporating In This Country’: Tucker
Carlson Breaks Down Google Censorship Of Infowars


Grassley Makes Third Request For Ford’s
Therapy Notes, Polygraph Info, And More

An Ex-Boyfriend Of Dr. Ford Refuted Many
Of The Claims She Made Under Oath

After Pushing For It, Democrat Senators Denounce
FBI Investigation For Clearing Kavanaugh

Disgusting! Democrat Leader Pelosi Compares Judge
Kavanaugh To Vladimir Putin And Kim Jong Un (VIDEO)

CA Motor Voter Law Registers Twice Number
Of Democrats To Vote As Republicans

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin Strongly Signals
A ‘Yes’ Vote On Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh Op-Ed: I Am An Independent, Impartial Judge

Peaceful Pro-Kavanaugh Demonstration Met With Violence

Communism Sympathizers (Democrats) Post
Numbers, Jobs Of Pro-Kavanaugh Protesters

Democrat-Activist Media

I Watched Hollywood Stars Get ‘Arrested’ For Protesting
Kavanaugh — Here’s What Really Happened

LOL! CNN’s Camerota On Kavanaugh: ‘Wouldn’t
It Be Easier To Go With A Different Nominee?’

Bette Midler Tweets Women
‘Are The N-Word Of The World’ 

Downplaying Jimmy Kimmel’s Bullying

CNN’s Raging Cuomo Lashes Out,
Smears Kavanaugh, Lies About Him

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Saves 9-Year-Old Illegal
Immigrant From Trump And Sex Traffickers