Must Know Headlines


ILLEGAL Alien From El Salvador Charged
With Brutally Raping Woman In New York

Army Veteran Takes Down Gunman
At High School Football Game

Christine Ford’s Husband Omits Any Mention Of Second
Front Door In Written Testimony Under Penalty Of Perjury

Sen. Gardner Says His Wife Got Graphic Text
Of Beheading After Kavanaugh Vote

UFC Fighter Wins, Gives Shout Out To Kavanaugh – Another Says Trump
Called Him Before Fight, Told Him Knock That M-F’n Russian Out!

6 Cases Of Rare ‘Polio-Like’ Illness Diagnosed
In Children In Minnesota

USPS Mailman Purposely Pees All Over
Porch While Delivering Mail


The Black Community’s Mid-Term Surprise For Democrats

Tennessee Democrat Brings In Bloomberg For Fundraiser

Leftist Calls For Impeachment Of Brett
Kavanaugh Threaten To Split Democrats

Loony Mazie Hirono Encouraging
Harassing Senators At Restaurants

WATCH: California Just Passed An Incredibly Sexist Law

Screaming Protesters Heard In Senate Gallery As VP
Pence Asks Sergeant At Arms To Restore Order

Watch Democrats Sing & Cry: Dems
Convinced Their Base That Sky Is Falling

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Writers, Activists Attack
‘White Women’ Over Kavanaugh

‘Shabby’! Morning Joe’s Bitter Beer
Face Over GOP Downing Brewskis

Politico: ‘After Failing To Stop Kavanaugh,
Democrats Wonder If It’s Time To Be More Ruthless’

Google Lead Designer: “You Are Finished,

NBC’s Ken Dilanian Advocates For Changes
To Senate After Kavanaugh Confirmation

HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Season 4 Finale:
‘Make My President Black Again’


‘Creepy Line’ Film Exposing Google, Facebook Now Streaming:
‘Tremendous Power In The hands Of Two Companies’