Must Know Headlines


3 Chicago Officers Attacked, Locked Inside Home

FBI Informant Listed As Owner Of Limousine In Deadly New
York Crash: Here Is What To Know About The “Accident.”

Liberal Violence: Truck Set On Fire
Because It Had Trump Bumper Stickers

We Must Understand What We’re Up
Against, Because This Is New

Hilarious Video Of Clueless Millennials
Saying They’re Not Going To Vote

Student Charged For Allegedly Making False
Anti-LGBT Threats Against Herself


Clinton’s Rapist And Enabler Tour of America

Dem Senator Hirono On Leftist Mob Violence Against The GOP:
“This Is What Happens… When You Look At White Supremacists” 

Rand Paul Calls Out Cory Booker’s Rhetoric
–‘Someone Is Going To Be Killed’

Democratic  Staffer Held Without
Bond In Senate ‘Doxing’ Case

Hilarious Video of Clueless Millennials Saying
They’re Not Going To Vote: 
These Are The People
Democrats Have Pinned Their Midterm Hopes On

Former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards
Admits She Might Run for Office: “We’ll See”

Blasey Ford Nominated For Distinguished Alumna Award

ILLEGAL Immigration

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Now Sentenced For Child Porn

California DMV Wrongly Registered 1,500
People, Including Non-Citizens, To Vote

DACA Illegal Aliens Have Cost Legal Immigrants $316M Since 2015

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Scolds Melania On #MeToo, Kavanaugh:
‘Some Might Say’ ‘You Need To Stand With Women

With The Kavanaugh Saga Over, CNN Returns
To Talking About Trump’s Penis

Log Cabin Republicans Call Out CNN’s
Kaitlan Collins For Anti-Gay Tweets

Saints Player Mocks MAGA Hat; Yahoo Sports Approves

Media Say ‘Time Is Running Out’ To Save
Planet 30 Years After Previous Warning

Amy Schumer Raises Fist Of Communism, Posts
Video Of Amy Schumer Protesting Kavanaugh:
‘November Is Coming’