Must Know Headlines


Trump Is Swarmed As He Arrives In Davos
–Says He Brings “Peace” (VIDEO)

Al-Qaeda Calls On Muslims To ‘Attack Jews And Americans

Home Depot Awards Employees Up To
$1000 As ‘Tax Reform Bonus’

32 States Make English Official Language


Trump Plans For DACA Recipients To ‘Morph Into’ Citizens

Report: Illegal Alien Blames ‘Black Magic’
After Giving Herpes To A Child

500 Ex-DACA Criminals, Gang Members Still In
U.S., Gov’t Unaware of Whereabouts

Sessions Threatens To Subpoena 23 Sanctuary Cities

Trump Touts Citizenship For Illegal Aliens After DACA
Recipients Hurl Insults At White House, GOP

Do States Have A Say In the Refugee Resettlement Program?
Tennessee Lawsuit Highlights Federal Overreach


Pelosi Tries To Extend $137,000 Tax Break For
Two Of Her Multi-Million-Dollar Homes

Alleged Woman Abuser John Conyers III
Officially Running For His Father’s Seat

Cecile Richards Leaves Behind Brutal Legacy
As She Steps Down From Planned Parenthood

Chuck Schumer Withdraws The Wall Funding Offer He Never Made

Democrat-Activist Media

Washington Post Quotes A “Person”

‘Nation’ Editor Bashes Tax Bill But
Celebrates Its Impact At Starbucks

ABC Completely Ignores Disney Bonuses Due To Trump Tax Cuts

FLASHBACK: 30 Years Ago, Dan Rather’s Failed,
Fake News Ambush of Bush