Must Know Headlines


Anchor Baby Population In U.S.
Exceeds One Year Of American Births

Undocumented Immigrant Voted In Bexar
County For More Than 20 Years

REPORT: Central American Migrants Set
Fire To Mexican Immigration Facility

Israeli Official Naftali Bennet: ‘Unfair And Wrong’
To Attack Trump Over Pittsburgh Shooting

Pittsburgh Rabbi Receives Hate Mail For Saying Trump
Would Be Welcome: ‘We Need To Be Better Than This’


Armed Migrants In Caravan Opened
Fire On Mexican Cops, Say Authorities

Second Migrant Caravan Carrying Firearms
and Gasoline Bombs: Mexican Authorities

Mexico Warns Of Molotov Cocktail Threat
Amid Second Migrant Caravan

Landowners Warned About Possibility Of
‘Armed Civilians’ In Area Due To Caravan

VIDEO–> THEY GOT BUSES!… Illegal Immigrant Caravan
Organizers Load Up Illegal Immigrants On Buses For Comfy Rides


Gunman Shoots Windows Of GOP Office
And 40 Other Acts Of Democrat Violence

Hillary Clinton Jokes ‘They All Look Alike’ After
Interviewer Mixes Up Cory Booker And Eric Holder

Luis Gutierrez: Trump Wants To End Birthright Citizenship
Because He Loves ‘Hating On Brown People’

Planned Parenthood Supports Birthright For ILLEGALS,
Cory Booker Wants To Give Them $50K

Andrew Gillum’s Group Trained, Gave Award
To Anti-Israel Dream Defenders’ Founder

Democrat-Activist Media

US Media Suppress Hidden Threat In Caravan

MSNBC Reporter Interviews Latino Texan Who Is
Skeptical Of Migrant Caravan, Voting Republican

The Anti-Semitic Media Fights Anti-Semitism

The Media Has A Long History Of Hateful Attacks,
Violent Rhetoric Against Trump Admin

CNN Tries To Trick ‘Tree of Life’ Rabbi Into Politicizing
Massacre – He Dismantles Them On LIVE TV

CNN, MSNBC Blame Conservative
Media For Pittsburgh Shooting

Joy Behar Blames Synagogue Shooting On
Trump: “Stop Covering His Rallies”

Fake News Compilation (VIDEO)

Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat Is White
Men’ ‘Radicalized To The Right’