Must Know Headlines


US Workers See Fastest Wage Increase In A Decade

Border Surge Highest Since 2011, Each Illegal
Immigrant Costs $70,000, 7x Deportation Price

Levin: Paul Ryan Was Dead Wrong
On Birthright Citizenship. Here’s How

Soros Has Gives $1 Million To Group Linked To
Fusion GPS For Trump-Russia Investigation

Total Immigration To U.S. Ties All-Time Record

Border War

New Migrant Caravan (Fourth One) Departs El Salvador For US

Second Migrant Caravan Carrying Firearms
and Gasoline Bombs: Mexican Authorities

Guatemalan Official: Caravan Used Babies,
Women, Elderly As ‘Human Shields’

Operation Faithful Patriot: Video Shows Hundreds Of
Military Vehicles Being Shipped To Southern Border

Pence: ‘We Have More Than 1,000 People Attempting
To Come Into Our Country Every Day’


Trump Has Disarmed The Left Of
Its Politically Correct Weapons

Project Veritas Catches Andrew Gillum Campaign
Staffer Calling White People ‘Crackers’

Andrew Gillum Exposed By Staffers In
Undercover Video: ‘This Is a F***ed Up State’

‘She’s A Piece Of Shit’  — Claire McCaskill Ignites Feud
With Missouri Black Democrat Just Days Before Election

Nancy Pelosi Confident: ‘We Will Win’

Democrat-Activist Media

Big Finale: Media Aims At Both Trump And GOP

Don Lemon Calls For “White Guy Ban”

NBC Fantasizes About Oprah Running In 2020,
Touts Her Efforts In GA

Tapper Segment Questions Jewish Trump Supporters;
Guests Offended By Calls For Prayer

MSNBC Conspiracy Nuts: Trump Sending
Coded Message To New ‘Far Right’