Must Know Headlines


Poll: Black Voter Approval For Trump
Hits Yearly High After ‘Blexit’

FBI Bust Iraqi Refugee Who Built
Terrorist Bombs (MSM Silent)

Trump Says Pelosi Subpoena Threat ‘Illegal,’
Grounds For Supreme Court Battle

Your Nov. 6th Choice: “Free Stuff” Or Freedom

This Trump Ad Is What Pushing Back Looks Like


Migrant Caravan Members File Class Action
Lawsuit Against President Trump

New Warning About Caravan:
Contagious Diseases Present

6-In-9 Swing District Voters: Keep
Migrant Caravan Out Of The Country

Trump Ready To Militarize Border To Stop
Migrant Caravans: ‘These Are Not Angels’


O’Keefe Strikes Again! Beto Campaign Appears To Illegally
Spend Funds on Supplies For Caravan Aliens (VIDEO)

Texas Democrat Slapped With Federal Charges
– Utterly DESTROYS His 2018 Race

Watch–Dave Brat Calls Out Democrat
Abigail Spanberger For Defending MS-13

Now Biden Calls For GOP Congressman
To Learn ‘Threshold Of Pain’

Democrats To Bedevil Trump With Probes,
Subpoenas If Midterms Go Their Way

North Dakota Democrats Buy Ads
Discouraging Hunters From Voting

Presbyterian Minister Screams at Trump As He
Pays Respects To Victims Of Synagogue Shooting

Watch: Oprah Invokes Lynching, Oppression
In Campaign Speech For Stacey Abrams

Democrat-Activist Media

Associated Press Spreads Fake News: Trump
Kids Received Birthright Citizenship

Laugh Out Loud Funny: Don Lemon
Claims He’s An ‘Independent’

CNN’s Don Lemon Doubles Down On Attack Of ‘White Men’

CNN Guest Says The Caravan Is Violent – Symone
Sanders Calls That ‘A Conspiracy Theory’

Facebook Bans Pro-Life Ads Supporting
GOP Senate Candidates

Facebook Illegally Obtained Your Medical
Records – Major Lawsuit Underway

CBS Skips Anti-Israel Views Of
Muslim Dem Running For Congress