Must Know Headlines


156,562,000: Record Employment
For 12th Time Under Trump

Judge Jeanine: ‘Everything Is Better’ Under Trump 

Antifa Plan To Hijack Legally-Permitted, Peaceful,
Conservative ‘Turn California Red’ Rally On Sunday

Woman Who Claimed Justice Kavanaugh Raped
Her Now Admits They’ve Never Even Met

FBI Arrests Iraqi Refugee In Tucson For
Building Car Bomb, Teaching Others


Sara Carter Shares Her Firsthand Experience Of Caravan

Mexico: Nearly 3,000 Migrants Have
Abandoned Caravan, Won’t Go On To US

“People Say, ‘Oh It Was Just A Rock.’ It
Wasn’t Just A Rock. It Was A Deadly Weapon”

Caravan Splits Up, Rips Mexico For Directing
Migrants Toward ‘Route Of Death’

Caravan Baby Suffers Chickenpox, Malnutrition,
Father Refuses Aid To Stay Course To U.S.

President Will Deny Asylum-Seekers
Who Cross Border Illegally


Chuck Schumer: Great Job Numbers ‘Will Mean Little’ To Families

Obama Volunteer Arrested For Vandalizing NYC
Synagogue With Anti-Semitic Statements, Police Say

Gillum Staffer And Commie Arrested On Battery Charges
For Hurling Drink On College Republicans (Video)

Lawless ACLU Sues Montana Sheriff
For Following Legal Immigration Laws

Obama Comes Unglued When The Few People Who
Showed Up To His Speech Brought Big Surprise

Obama To Rally For Senator Who Backs Trump Policies

Manchin: ‘It Took Every Bit Of My Discipline Not To
Beat The Living Crap Out’ Of Republican Opponent

Democrat-Activist Media

“Unbiased News Article” Accuses Trump
Of Racism, Causing Pittsburgh Massacre

‘SNL’ Mocks Ex-Navy Seal Candidate Dan Crenshaw:
‘I Know He Lost His Eye In War — Or Whatever’

Left Wing Atlantic Magazine: Jews Who Support
Trump Should Be Shunned, Not Welcome At Synagogues

If The Drive-Bys Think They’re On The Verge
Of Victory, Why Do They Sound So Angry?

Julianne Moore, Rosario Dawson: Vote For Democrats
Who Will Stop Trump’s Border Enforcement

CNN Interviews ‘Random’ Gillum Rally Person: His Mother
On Caravan, Jorge Ramos Goes Into Disinformation Mode

Voters Want Democrats To Control Congress,
NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll Finds