Must Know Headlines


Illegal Migrants Boast Of Aiding Democrats’ Campaigns

Private Photos Of Steve Scalise’s Recovery
After Left-Wing Terrorist Nearly Killed Him

Nevada Voters Elected A Dead Brothel Owner To State Assembly

Donald Trump

Trump: ‘The Democrat Agenda Is A Socialist Nightmare’

Donald Trump Has Actually HELPED
Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions

Trump Calls Nancy Pelosi Immediately After
She Announces Dems Will Hold Him In Check


Dan Crenshaw, Whose War Wounds
‘SNL’ Mocked, Gains House Seat

Arizona Senate Race Goes To Overtime With Glacial Vote Count

GOP’s Ron DeSantis Wins Florida Governor’s
Election, Beating Democrat Andrew Gillum

Ted Cruz Defeats Beto O’Rourke For Senate

Republican Kim Reynolds Becomes First
Woman Elected Governor Of Iowa

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill
Loses To GOP Challenger

GOP Rep. Steve King Wins Reelection 

Rick Scott Unseats Incumbent Dem Sen. Bill Nelson

Republican Ted Budd Keeps His Seat In NC-13


Texas House Democrat Wins Re-Election From A Jail Cell

Rep. Schiff: If Democrats Flip House, Renewing Probe
On Russia’s Election Meddling Will Be Top Priority

Fake Pro-Life Democrat Joe Manchin Wins Re-Election
Bid Against Pro-Life Candidate Pat Morrisey

Little Sign Of ‘Blue Wave’ In Senate As
Republicans Flip Four Democratic Seats

Stacey Abrams Not Conceding Georgia Governor’s Race

Newly Elected Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib
Wore Palestinian Flag at Primary Victory Celebration

Our New Muslim Representatives:
Sharia, Corruption, And Jew-Hatred Come To The House

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s Van Jones: Election Results Are ‘Heartbreaking’

WATCH The Moment MSNBC ‘Absorbs’
Ted Cruz Win; Texas Is Like A Prison

Georgia Hysteria: CNN’s Ryan Claims
Voting Rights Don’t Exist Anymore

Beyoncé And Celebrity All Stars
Come Up Short For Bozo O’Rourke

Oprah Not Enough To Help Stacey Abrams Defeat Brian Kemp

‘Misfire’: MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing
Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote

Manufacturing A Smear – How The Democrat-Media
Complex Turned Brett Kavanaugh Into A ‘Rapist’

Taylor Swift’s Political Outreach Falls Short
And Media Commentators Let Her Know It