Must Know Headlines


How Many Votes Left To Count In The
McSally-Sinema Race? Here’s Our Latest Estimate

Antifa Terrorizes Tucker Carlson’s Family

The Welfare Generation: 51.7% Kids In 2017
Lived In Households Getting Govt Assistance

California Prisoners Got $3.5 Million From Social Security

9th Circuit Rules Administration
Must Continue DACA Program

Florida Recount

Marc Elias, Lawyer Tied To Clinton Campaign &
‘Pee Dossier,’ Leads Dems’ Florida Recount Efforts

 Rick Scott Files Lawsuits Accusing Dem Florida
Election Officials Of Trying To ‘Steal The Election’

Florida Teacher Finds ‘Provisional Ballot Box’ In Storage Area

Florida Elections Might Be In The Hands Of County
Election Chief, Who’s Already Violated The Law

Sen. Rubio: Dems Trying To Steal Florida Elections


Migrant Caravan Plows On Despite Facing Border
Bottleneck After Trump Tightens Asylum Rules

Officials Change Asylum Rules To Ensure
Quick Deportation Of Economic Migrants

Former DNC Chairman Declares
Migrant Caravan Made-Up Problem

Democrat-Activist Media

‘Jew B****rd N****r Lover’: ‘Full Frontal’
Writer Posted Anti-Semitic Tweets, TBS Silent

CNN’s Jim Acosta Singlehandedly
Sinks The Cause Of A Free Press

No, Don Lemon, The Facts Show
Jihadists Are The Biggest Terror Threat

ABC, NBC Ignore Antifa Mob Assaulting
Home Of Fox Host Tucker Carlson

Nine Arrested In Texas For Alleged
Illegal Voting Scheme, Says State AG

‘View’ Co-Host Says Female White House
Aide Committed ‘Battery’ Against Acosta

Hollywood Melts After White House Revokes Jim Acosta’s
Press Pass: ‘We Are On The Road To Full Authoritarianism’