Must Know Headlines


White House Framework To Boldly Fix Immigration
Is A Bust:  Massive Amnesty Plan With Meager
Reforms Betrays Campaign Promises

Conservatives Call On Congress To Name Members
Who Used Tax Money To Settle Sex Harassment Claims

State Dept Spending $600K To Study

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Illegals Commit Crimes At Double
The Rate Of Native-Born: Study

White House Immigration ‘Framework’ Would
Grant Amnesty To 1.8 Million Illegal Aliens

ILLEGAL Alien ‘Dreamer’ Whines About
How Evil America Is, Goes Back To Mexico


Pelosi Votes Against Tax Cut For Us,
Pushes $137,000 Tax Cut For Herself

Clinton Thanks ‘Activist Bitches’ In Bizarre Video

John Kerry Sabotages US Foreign Policy:
Former Sec Of State Urges The Palestinians To Resist Trump

Andrew Cuomo Took Billionaire Donor’s
Private Jet To Sundance Film Festival

Leftist Group That Blasted Trump Over DACA
Gets Biggest Slice Of $37 Mil HUD Grant

George Soros: Trump Presidency Will
‘Disappear’ In 2020—Or ‘Even Sooner’

Jay-Z: Black Unemployment Drop Under Trump Doesn’t Matter

According To Forbes Jay Z Is Worth $810 Million And He’s
Lecturing The Hood On How Money Is Not Important

Democrat-Activist Media

Jay-Z Went On CNN’s ‘Communist’s Show’ And Trashed
The President. Trump Responded With The Truth

No Shocker At All: CNN Named Most
Polarizing Media Brand Of 2018

Drive-By Disbelief Over Trump Reception In Davos

Four Florida News Outlets Fail To Tag
Arrested Mayor As A Democrat

Bias By The Minute: CNN Devotes 11 Times More Coverage
To Trump Scandals Than Immigration Package