Must Know Headlines


Judge Orders White House Returns
Press Pass To CNN’s Jim Acosta

Another Stolen Seat: Democrat Wins Maine
House Race Thanks To Algorithm

New Report Hides Subsidies Paid To
Employers To Hire Foreign Grads

JW Monitors Fla. Elections—3 Counties Miss
Recount Deadline, Broward By Just 2 Minutes

Michael Avenatti Blames Pro-Trumper For Arrest:
‘I Am Coming For You Jacob Wohl AKA Surefire’

ILLEGAL Immigration

Video Shows Smuggler Cutting Down Barbed
Wire Hours After It Was Placed At Yuma Border

Watch: Illegal Alien Charged With Attempted
Murder After Firing At Cops During Traffic Stop

Border Patrol Catches 654 Illegal Aliens Who Entered
Through ‘Outdated Border Wall Infrastructure’

Watch Live: Violent Clashes At Border
As Migrant Caravan Arrives

About A Dozen Members Of Migrant Caravan Arrested
For Trying To Illegally Cross US Border, Source Says

WATCH: Mexican Protesters Tell Caravan Migrants To Go Home


After Winning Election, Democrat Ilhan Omar
Now Says She ‘Supports BDS Movement’

Kamala Harris Compares ICE To The KKK

Mississippi Democrat Espy Received Additional Unreported
$350K From Group Controlled By African Despot

Kamala Harris Lied About Brett Kavanaugh,
Now She Says Politics Needs “More Truth”

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Anchor John King Says Only Hope For Dems In
Florida Is To Convince Courts To ‘Bend The Letter Of The Law’

CNN’s Cuomo Blames Trump For
Dysfunctional VA, Done Nothing For Vets

CNN’s Van Jones Says Trump Deserves Praise
For His Support Of Prison Reform Bill

Jim Acosta Claimed Migrants Wouldn’t Climb
Border, But They’re Doing Exactly That

Patricia Arquette: Civil Rights Have Been Decreased
‘In Every Way’ Since Trump’s Election

Facebook Can Now Tell Who You Live With
Based On Your Pictures And Captions

The Fake News Paper Of Record:
Back Stories Of The New York Times’ “Anonymous” Op-Ed