Must Know Headlines


If Pelosi Brings ‘Dreamers’ To The State Of
The Union, Trump Should Bring ICE Agents

Pollak To MSNBC: ‘DREAMers’
Should Be Getting Donald Trump Tattoos

First Tax Cuts Are Hitting Paychecks And They’re
So Good Some People Think It’s A Glitch

Students Say They Hated Trump’s SOTU
(But He Hasn’t Given Speech Yet)

’15:17 To Paris’ Heroes Who Stopped Bloody
Terror Attack Give Credit To God

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrant Who Was A Convicted
Child Sex Offender Arrested At The Border

Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty To Sex Assault

Virginian Immigration Hawks Outraged As Fairfax
County Gives Illegal Alien Criminals Sanctuary

Trump Framework For Senate Amnesty Is Similar
To Blueprint Of Disastrous 2007 Amnesty Plan


Pelosi: Trump Immigration Plan A
Campaign To “Make America White Again”

South Florida Democratic Mayor Charged
With Accepting Illegal Checks From Russians

Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released
After 13-Year Media Cover-Up

Democrats Are the New
Palestinians On Immigration

Democrat-Activist Media

#GrammysSoPolitical: Hillary Gets
‘Biggest Cheer Of The Night’

Hillary, Celebs Read ‘Fire And Fury’ At Grammys

Jorge Ramos Keeps Pining For
Californication Of America

NYT Mag Lets CNN’s Amanpour Savage
Trump: ‘Lies Lead To Dictatorship’

MSNBC Guest Has Crazy Idea For State Of The Union
Response, And It Involves The Black Panther Party [VIDEO]