Must Know Headlines


Google Employees Debated Burying
Conservative Media In Search

Trump: Mueller Has Wasted $40 Million

ICYMI: Around 3,000 Votes Just Vanished During
The Machine Recount In Florida’s Elections

THAT’S THE PLAN: General Motors News From Ohio,
Michigan Could Hurt Trump 2020 Bid

Mueller Racks Up Yet Another Process Crime
With Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea


Border Patrol Agent Hospitalized After
Being Attacked By Illegal Immigrant

One-Third Of Migrants In Caravan Are Being Treated
For Health Issues, Tijuana Health Official Says

Illegal Alien Convicted Of Sexually
Abusing His Underage Daughters

ILLEGAL Alien Invaders Plan Hunger Strike To
Demand US Speed Up Speed Up Asylum Process

Climate Change

U.N. Secretary: Rise Of Nationalism
Threatens Fight Against Climate Change

Climate Change Report Is Sabotage From Inside The White House


Blacks Make Up 13.4% Of Population, 36% Of Abortions 

Dem Rep Has Meltdown On Illinois House Floor,
Wishes Death On Republican Member

Democrats Will Use US Climate Report Against Trump In Court

Ocasio-Cortez Makes Herself Look A COMPLETE
Idiot For Last Time – Gets BLASTED

White House Guests KNEEL During National Anthem,
Trump Makes Them Immediately Regret It

Democrat-Activist Media

On TV, Only Fox Locates Obama Boasting
On Oil Boom: ‘That Was Me, People!’

Media Spread Nonexistent Racist Hate
Crime On Eve of Mississippi Election

The View Co-Host Flips When Told Obama
Used Tear Gas ‘I DON’T CARE!’

Establishment Media Admit Caravan
Migrants Looking For Jobs, Not Asylum

Fired CNN Contributor Denied He Called For Israel’s
Destruction. He Also Endorsed ‘Resisting’ By Palestinians

Anne Hathaway: ‘My Country Gassed Children’