Must Know Headlines


 Rep. Jody Hice: Republicans ‘Need To
Deliver’ $5B in Wall Funding

Mueller Used Washington Post Propaganda To Attack Flynn

Mueller’s Mission: Rid The World Order of Trump

 Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Destroys General Flynn
– Nearly Bankrupts Him – And Then Calls
For Lenient Sentence, No Jail Time

Rand Paul Claims The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump ‘Couldn’t Have
Been Nicer’ After Bush Sr. Died


Democrat Sen Hirino: Dems Struggle To Connect
With Voters Because We’re So Much Smarter!

Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Aborted Baby
Parts Makes Over $100 Million Doing Abortions

Tucker: Dems’ Message To Americans On Immigration
Is ‘Shut Up, You’re Dying, We’re Going To Replace You’

‘Orgy Island’ Creep, Clinton Pal Epstein,
Settles Before ‘Sex Slaves’ Testify

‘Ballot Harvesting,’ California Dems’
Latest Election Stealing Tool

Democrats Offer A Mere $1.6B For
‘Border Security,’ Not Wall Funding


Dozens Of Caravan Migrants, Some With Children,
Scaled Border Wall And Entered U.S. On Monday

Study: More Than 7-In-10 California
Immigrant Households Are On Welfare

ILLEGAL Aliens In A Dismantled Identify Theft Wring

9th Circuit Court Strikes Down Federal Law
Against Encouraging Illegal Immigration

Democrat-Activist Media

Google Employees Wanted To ‘Suppress’ Conservative News

‘Get This B***h Under Control!’ Joy Behar
Tears Into Meghan McCain Off-Air

Facebook Censors LifeNews Story About African Pro-Life
Leader. It “Goes Against Our Community Standards”

CNN’s Douglas Brinkley: ‘Nobody’ Wants
To See Trump At Bush 41 Funeral

CNN Reporter Says Bush 41 Funeral Will Be ‘Fascinating
To Watch’ To See How Trump Behaves