Must Know Headlines


Mueller Investigation Cost Now More Than $25 Million: DOJ Report

Maria Butina: The Russian Spy Mueller Missed

Ryan Zinke Resignation Letter Blames ‘Meritless’ Investigations

Feds Spend $245,331 To Boost Kids’ Self-Esteem
By Teaching Them ‘Sustainable Gardening’

(Losing) Transgender Contestant Given
Standing O At 2018 Miss Universe Pageant

ILLEGAL Immigration

More Than 3,000 Illegals Caught On One Day: DHS

Schumer: Trump Is Not Going To Get The Wall In Any Form

ICE Deports Quarter Of A Million Illegal
Aliens, 6K Gang Members In 2018

Judge Blocks Deportation Of Rapist Who Faked Christian ‘Conversion’


Google Hearing: Democrats Call
Censorship Claims ‘Complete Fantasy’

Pelosi: ‘We Have A Moral Responsibility To Ensure
All Children Are Treated With Decency And Compassion’

Beto O’Rourke’s Fundraising Skills Shake Up 2020 Presidential Race

Cohen: ‘I Am Done With The Lying’

Democrats On Dead Migrant Child: ‘Devastating,’ ‘Cruel’

Ilhan Omar Trolls Mike Pence: ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Uses Obama-Era Video To Claim
Trump Denies Water To Illegals

 Upset With GOP Guest, Stephanopoulos
Sends Microphone Flying

Sports Illustrated’s Choice To Present Its Inspiration
Of The Year Award: Christine Blasey 

NBC Anchors Irritated Federal Judge Ruled
ObamaCare ‘Unconstitutional’

Video || Mika Brzezinski Apologizes
For Calling Pompeo Trump’s “Butt Boy”