Must Know Headlines


Wife Of Green Beret Charged With Murder:
Our Enemies Are Watching

CRASHES MARKET: Announces New Rate Hike 

Least-Educated State: California No. 1 In Percentage Of
Residents 25 & Older Who Never Finished 9th Grade

U.S. Population Grew At Slowest Pace In More Than 80 Years


Border Patrol Catches Smuggler Using Ultralight
Aircraft To Drop Chinese Men Over Border Wall

Judge Says U.N. Rules Require Deported
Migrants Be Flown Back Into U.S.

Mark Meadows: President Trump, Veto
This Spending Bill, Fight For The Wall

Coulter: Gutless President In Wall-Less Country

Sarah Sanders: Trump Asked Every Agency To
See If They Have Money For The Wall

Immigration: The Hidden Driver
Of The Opioid Epidemic


Progressive Saint Oprah Helped The Career Of
Alleged Abuser Of ‘300 Women’

NANCY PELOSI Caught On Camera
Singing And Dancing At DC Bar (VIDEO)

Obama’s Christmas Genocide: From Iraq To Gaza,
From Egypt To Syria, Fewer Christians In The Middle East

Democrat-Activist Media

John McCain Associate Gave Dossier To Buzzfeed

2018 Delivers Other Humiliating Ratings Year For CNN

Networks Ignore Charges Against Antifa
Members For Beating U.S. Marines

Report Claims U.S. Now One Of Deadliest
Countries For Journalists

Robert De Niro Trashes Trump Presidency On CNN:
‘Like A Nightmare That You Remember’

Report Claims U.S. Now One Of Deadliest Countries For Journalists