Must Know Headlines


House Intel Votes To Release Controversial
Surveillance Memo To The Public

The Important FACTS Completely Missing
From The Immigration Debate

What Must Be In Any DACA Amnesty Bill

Ridiculous Gloria Allred Client: Walmart ‘Segregates
Black Hair Care Products That Often Get Stolen 

Cheif Wahoo To Be Removed From Cleveland
Indians Uniform–Here’s The Replacement


Liberal Foundations Behind State Of The Union Fact-Checking

Clinton, Obama Talked Tough On ‘Illegal Aliens’
In Their SOTU Speeches

Celebrities Host Anti-Trump ‘People’s State Of
The Union’: ‘This Is The Heart Of Patriotism’


Video: Annoying Celebrity Hypocrites

 Sen. Wyden Argues For Abortion After 20 Weeks –
Never Uses Words ‘Unborn’, ‘Baby’, ‘Child’

Dem Rep Frederica Wilson On Boycotting SOTU:
Trump Is ‘Hateful Towards Black People’

‘Like Cornered Rats’: Rep. Matt Gaetz Warns Clinton
Foundation  ‘Justice May Be Coming VERY SOON’ (VIDEO)

Democrat-Activist Media

Hollyweird And Other Leftists’ Fascination
With Sex Abuse And Enablers

Cross-Dressing Young Boys Sexualized
In Perverted Historical Drama

Ellen’s Laugh Line: ‘I’m Not A Political Person In Any Way’

Jim Acosta Contradicts His Own
Reporting On Andrew McCabe