Must Know Headlines


3 Illegal Immigrants Indicted For Murder Of
American Whistleblower: Report

Planned Parenthood Mistreats Pregnant Employees:
“It As Looked Down Upon For You To Get Pregnant”

‘It’s Allah’s Will’: Scandinavian Women Decapitated On Video
— This Is A Case Of An Unusually Bestial Killing

President Trump

 How The FBI Ran An Illegal Counterintelligence
Masquerade In Plot To Get Trump

Federal Judge Slaps Down Leftist Attempt
To Access Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump: “We’ve Won” And It’s Time To
Bring Troops Home From Syria

Trump Orders Major Afghan Drawdown: 7,000
Troops To Return Home In Coming Weeks

ILLEGAL Immigration

‘On To The Senate’ — Donald Trump Celebrates
House Victory For Border Security Funding Bill”

GOP Rep. Garrett: Cost Of Not Securing Border Is More
Casualties Over A Decade Than Korean War (VIDEO)

Trump: ‘Nothing Else’ But The Wall Will Secure The Border


Pelosi: No Wall Funding, Even If That
Means ‘Government Closed Forever’

Hirono On MSNBC: ‘Bullsh–t’ To Blame
Dems For Possible Government Shutdown

Trump Critics Call For Removal From
Office Over Syria Withdrawal

Rep. Gutierrez: Trump’s Border Wall
Would Have Killed The Baby Jesus

Flashback: Pelosi Told Trump The House
Wouldn’t Vote For Border Wall Funding

Democrats Are At Each Other’s Throats Over An
Issue That Barely Got Mentioned In The 2018 Elections

Democrat-Activist Media

Fake News: CNN’s One-Time Journalist Of The Year
Resigns After Admitting To Inventing Interviews

Facebook Made Deal With The Devil With Lib
Fact-Checkers; Now They’re Attacking Facebook

Der Spiegel Reporter Was A Rotten Apple,
And CNN Went Bananas For Him

Twitter Allowing Left Wing Extremists
To Dox Border Wall Donors

The Walls Are Closing In’: Cable Journalists
Chant Dems’ New Mantra