Must Know Headlines


Daines Introduces Bill Withholding Pay From
Congressmen During Government Shutdowns, Others Join

Flashback 2016: Trump Says Mexico Will Pay For
The Wall “Through Money We Save On Trade Negotiations”

NIH Grants UCSF $521,082 90-Day Extension On
Contract To Make Humanized Mice With Aborted Baby Parts

ILLEGAL Immigration

Watch–Brother Of Officer Allegedly Murdered
By Illegal Alien: ‘This Was Preventable’

Terrorism Actually Does Kill Many
Americans Via The Southern Border

Angel Mom Mendoza: ‘Slap In Our Face’ To
Call Illegal Immigration ‘Manufactured Crisis’

We Need To Finish The Job – Border Patrol Sector Chief
Explains Firsthand Why A Border Barrier Is Desperately Needed


The Great Liberal Lie: Illegal Aliens Commit Fewer Crimes

Pelosi: ‘You’ll Find Out’ What Dems Will Do
If Trump Uses Emergency Powers To Build Wall

Tlaib, The Democratic Party, And Jew-Hate

Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Slapped With A Fine
For Not Providing Proper Workers’ Comp

Coroners Identify Man Who Dies In
Democratic Donor Ed Buck’s Home

Planned Parenthood Official On Being Able To
Kill Babies In Abortions: “Let The Fun Begin”

Trump Derangement Syndrome Inflicts Damage On America

Democrat-Activist Media

Oopsie! CNN’s Acosta Inadvertently
Makes Strong Case For A Border Wall

Seattle Fox Station Doctored Video Of Trump’s Face
During National Address
 CNN Asks Local TX KUSI

CNN Asks San Diego KUSI Reporter For View On  Border Wall
— Declines Segment After Reporter Says the Wall Works (VIDEO)

The Morning After: Nets Criticize
Trump 8X More Than Dems

Actor Josh Charles: ‘F*ck Every Single
Person Who Continues To Support’ Trump

CRAZY! Twitter Hides Schumer Pelosi
Picture Claims It Contains ‘Sensitive Content’

Whoopi Goldberg To Ocasio-Cortez: Stop “Pooping On People”

Oopsie! CNN’s Acosta Inadvertently
Makes Strong Case For A Border Wall