Must Know Headlines


Nearly 58,000 Noncitizens Illegally Voted In Texas.
How Many More Nationwide?

Trump: ‘Does Anybody Really Think I Won’t Build The WALL?’
Mulvaney: Trump ‘Willing To Do Whatever It Takes’

Feds Refuse to Unseal Documents On FBI Deep State Raid Of
Clinton Foundation Whistleblower that Implicate Mueller

Here’s How Much Members Of Congress Get
Paid, Even During A Government Shutdown

Mueller Knew From Day One There Was No Collusion

Roger Stone

Roger Stone Indictment Alleges Process Crimes But No Collusion

Roger Stone Arrest: Mueller’s Latest Vegas Magic Act

After Being Silenced At Biggest Press Conference In
History, Roger Stone Tells All


Willie Brown: So What If I Dated Kamala
Harris And Gave Her State Jobs?

Former CA Assembly Speaker On Kamala Harris: Yes, We
Had An Affair…And I Launched Her Political Career

Clinton Campaign Relied On Former Spy’s
Web Of Connections To Frame Trump

Pelosi: We Must Change’ Pay ‘Difference And Disparity
Between CEO And Workers;’ ‘It Is Sinful’

Democrat-Activist Media

WashPost Ponders Impeachment, But
Trump Voters Might Get Violent

Washington Post Rips The MAGA Hat
As ‘Brimming With Grotesque Hubris’

CNN Producer Admits He Was “Waiting” Outside
Roger Stone’s House An Hour Before Arrest

Rep. Castro Blasts Brokaw For ‘Xenophobia’

Washington Post Fact Checker Defends Column
After Ocasio-Cortez Callout: ‘She’s Wrong’