Must Know Headlines


Muslim Congresswoman’s Dad: ‘She Lied Big-Time’:
Rashida Tlaib Registered At False Address To Run For Office

Former DHS Agent “I’ve Fought Sex Trafficking”
PLEASE Build Wall To Protect The Kids

Same Obama Appointed – Mueller Selected Judge Who
Keeps Manafort In Solitary Confinement
Threatens Gag Order On Roger Stone!

Trump Makes It Official: The US Is Pulling
Out Of A Cold War-Era Nuclear Weapons Treaty With Russia

Virginia Gov.

Don’t Forget, Ralph Northam Endorsed
Post-Birth Murder Earlier This Week

Oh My: VA Dem Gov Northam’s Med School
Yearbook Page Shows Blackface, KKK Photo

Tim Kaine, Mark Warner Blast Northam
Photo, Don’t Demand Resignation


Venezuelans Rally In Caracas To Support Guaidó

Venezuela Air Force General Defects
From Maduro Government


Report: Democrats’ 2019 DHS Spending
Bill Opens The Border To Migrants

Dems Claim Moral Superiority
While High-Fiving Infanticide

Liz Warren Apologizes To Cherokees For
DNA Test. Here’s How They Responded

Democrat-Activist Media

Watch: CNN Hosts Devastated As Another Russia Scoop Collapses

OF COURSE! CNN Mislabels Racist Democrat
Governor Northam As A Republican

Snopes And AP Stop Fact Checking For Facebook

WaPo’s  Phony Conservative Blogger  Under Fire
After Calling Black Virginia Lieutenant Governor ‘Eloquent’

Snopes And AP Stop Fact Checking For Facebook