Must Know Headlines


LISTEN: Undercover Call Catches Abortion
Clinic Offering To Kill Baby At 32 Weeks

Pro-Life Activists: Women’s Rights Aren’t
Built On ‘Broken Bodies’ Of Children

Lawyers For Catholic Student Nick Sandmann
Prepare To Sue Media, Celebrities For Libel

ILLEGAL Immigration

Pentagon Sending 3,750 More Troops To Mexico Border

ICE Officials Force-Feed 6 ILLEGAL ALIENS
On Hunger Strike At Texas Detention Center

Border Residents Fear Retaliation
From Cartels If They Report Crimes

President Trump

Trump: Pelosi ‘Wants Open Borders’ And
‘Doesn’t Mind Human Trafficking’

Trump Doubles Down: ‘We’ve Got To
Get Out Of These Endless Wars’


 Final Piece of Jussie Smollett (D) MAGA Assault
Illusion Turns Out To Be Complete Crap

Chicago Police Say “Empire’s” Jussie Smollett
Refuses To Hand Over Phone

Virginia Gov. Northam’s Potential
Successor denies Sex Assault Charge

Michael Moore Wrongly Claims 70% Support
70% Tax Rate, Pines For AOC

Colorado Senate Passes Bill Nixing
Electoral College In Favor Of Popular Vote

Democrat-Activist Media

Daily Beast: ‘Patriots The Preferred Team Of White Nationalists’

Washington Post Buys Super Bowl Ad To Pat
Themselves And Fake News Media On The Back

TV’s Shutdown News Blamed Trump,
Touted Victims Over Border Debate

Daily Beast Hate Machine: The Patriots,
Tom Brady, Boston Sports Are MAGA Scum