Must Know Headlines


MAXINE MELTDOWN! Waters Begs Americans
To ‘Turn The Television Off’ During Trump SOTU

Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers Release Video:
‘The Truth In 15 Minutes’

Man Wants To Sue Parents For Giving
Birth To Him Without His Consent


New Wave Of 2,000 Caravan Migrants Quietly Arrives
On Buses At Texas Border (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Border Residents Fear Retaliation
From Cartels If They Report Crimes

Democrat Invites Illegal Immigrant To State Of The Union Address


Pro-Abortion Senate Democrats Block Vote
On Legislation To Stop Infanticide

Cue Dem Meltdown: Look At What Happens To
Presidential Polls When You Add Howard Schultz Into Mix

Nancy Pelosi Keeps Quoting Her Favorite
Bible Verse That’s Not Actually In The Bible

Cuomo Blames Trump Tax Plan For
Reduced New York Tax Collections

Cuomo’s Doing Nothing About The Burdens
That Drive People To Flee New York

NJ Minimum Wage 2019: Phil  Murphy
Signs $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Into Law

Triggered Libs Call Patriots Super Bowl
Win A Victory For ‘White Supremacy’

Democrat-Activist Media

Proof CNN Got Leak Of FBI Raid On Roger Stone

CNN’s Lemon To Gladys Knight: Anthem Could Hurt Your Career

FLASHBACK: Media Adored Obama’s State Of The Union Speeches

HYPOCRISY: Media Seeks To Spike Claims  Against Fairfax
After Spreading #MeToo Claims Against Republicans

A New Low In Media Lies From The Miami Herald