Must Know Headlines


Mexico Busing 1,700 In Caravan To Unsecured Texas Border

Police In Riot Gear Line Up At Border To Greet
Migrant Caravan As US Vows: ‘We Stand Ready’

Roger Stone’s Lawyers Say Special Counsel Leaked,
Claim Metadata Shows CNN Obtained Indictment From FBI


Brutal MS-13 Murder On NYC Subway In Ocasio-Cortez’s
District Goes Viral. She’s Called For The Abolition Of ICE

Democrat Senator Patty Murray Claims Infanticide
Is Not Legal, But New York Just Legalized It

CREEPY: Chuck Schumer Smirking Over
Late-Term Abortion Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Elizabeth Warren Claimed American Indian
Heritage In Texas State Bar Application

Democratic Women in White Sit Impassively As Colleagues
Cheer Trump’s Call For A Ban On Late-Term Abortion

Beto O’Rourke to Oprah: Border Wall ‘A Racist
Response To A Problem We Don’t Have’


DEMOCRATS Cheer More For Themselves than War Heroes,
Holocaust Survivors, Child Cancer Survivors,
Jobs and Guy Who Landed On The Moon

Trump in State Of The Union: ‘America
Will Never Be A Socialist Country

Biggest Moron Ever Elected To Congress Hits Back At
President Trump’s Dig At Socialism, Thinks ‘He’s Scared’

Fact Check: Stacey Abrams Claimed Tax
Bill Caused Layoffs And Inflation

Democrats Didn’t Clap As Trump Touted
American Energy Boom In SOTU

Gowns To SOTU In Wake Of Northam KKK Scandal

Watch: Kamala Harris Shakes Head After Trump Calls
For Stopping Drug Cartels, Human Trafficking

Democrat-Activist Media

Persons Of Interest In Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax
Are Homeless-Phone Records Subpoenaed 

Watch: CNN REALLY Doesn’t Want to Talk
About Northam Abortion Controversy

CNN’s Van Jones: SOTU Address Was ‘A Psychotically
Incoherent Speech With Cookies And Dog Poop’

CNN Tries To Explain Away Its Own
Viewer Poll’s HUGE Numbers For Trump

 Superintendent: Jussie Smollett ‘Will Be Held
Accountable’ If He Made A False Report

Celebs In Fury Over Pro-Life SOTU,
‘Buy Stock In Coathangers!’