Must Know Headlines


The House Intel Memo On FISA Abuse Was Just Released. Read It Here

Documents Reveal Obama State Department
Provided Classified Records To Sen. Ben Cardin
To Undermine President Trump

Report: White House Will Release
FISA Abuse Memo On Thursday

Trump’s Approval Rating Jumps
10 Points In One Month

ILLEGAL Immigration

Americans Killed By ‘Dreamers’:
‘What About My Daughter’s Dreams?’

Father of Daughter Slain By MS-13 Blasts
Democrats For Their Disrespect at SOTU:
“It Hurt Me a Lot – They Should Show Respect” 

Meet The Immigrant Who Was Killed By
A ‘Dreamer’ & Friends: Gangsters Targeted Ji Because
He Was Asian & Assumed He “Must Have Money.”

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Illegal
Aliens Have This Constitutional Right

Aliens In The Capitol: Democrat’s State Of  The
Union Stunt A Celebration Of Lawlessness

The Immigration Fight Isn’t Really
About The Dreamers — It’s All Politics


Crazy Lady Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For A Parental
Advisory When Trump Appears On TV

Path To Citizenship For Millions Of Illegal Aliens
Still Not Enough Mass Immigration For Democrats

All the Good News Democrats Refused To Cheer

 Chicago Democrat Stormed Out Of Trump
SOTU In Protest Of USA USA USA Chants

WATCH: San Diegans Hurl Shoes At
 During Public Viewing Of SOTU

Democrat Throws A Hail Mary In Last Ditch
Attempt To Prevent The Release Of Nunes Memo

ACLU Attacks Trump SOTU Speech:
Used Word ‘America’ Over 80 Times

Democrat-Activist Media

View Outraged by SOTU: ‘Very Offensive’
To ‘Demonize Our Immigrants!’

Media Warns Americans Not To
Get Distracted From Russia Probe

MSNBC Star Joy Reid Downplays MS-13, Says Only Fox
News Viewers Have Heard Of Dangerous Gang

GMA Gushes, Will Trump ‘Basically Lying’
Lead To Impeachment?

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Depicts Rape Of
Female Conservative Commentator