Must Know Headlines


Victims Of Socialism In Venezuela Warn U.S.:
‘Don’t Fall for It,’ ‘People Are Eating From Trash Bags’

California Police Discover Secret Underground
Shooting Range,  Weapons, Thousands Of Rounds
Of Ammo At Gang Member’s Home

GRAPHIC: This Is What A 20-Week
Abortion Really Looks Like

EXCLUSIVE: Sign At Virginia Election Office
Says,‘Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote’

Exclusive look At FBI Raid On Roger Stone’s Home

ITALY Creates GIANT God Emperor Trump For Carnival
Parade Complete With Giant Twitter Sword (VIDEO)

ILLEGAL Immigration

New Policy Forbids Pennsylvania Cops From Arresting
People For Being An ILLEGAL ALIEN

Hungary Backs Trump’s Wall: ‘Border
Protection An Obligation Of The State’

Communist Democrat Jayapal: Pay Reparations
To ILLEGAL Aliena Separated At Border


House Democrats Block Request To Vote On
Bill To Stop Infanticide For A Third Time

Ocasio Cortez: Latinos Can’t Be Illegals Because
They Descend From Native Americans

Pelosi Insists VA Blackface, MeToo Scandals
Won’t Hurt ‘National Democratic Brand”

Ocasio-Cortez: I’m Not Clapping When ‘Authoritarian’
Trump Says He Wants to ‘Make America Great’

Sheila Jackson Lee Triggered After Whitaker Trolls
Judiciary Committee, “Mr. Attorney General,
Your Humor is Not Acceptable” (VIDEO)

Jeff Bezos Blames Trump For National Enquirer
Allegedly Threatening To Publish ‘Intimate Photos’

Schumer: ‘Climate Change Is Going To Evoke Huge
Changes in’ USA ‘In The Next 10, 20, 30 Or 40 Years

Democrat-Activist Media

Bezos Sends Genitalia Pics to Mistress
– And Trump Gets The Blame!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Tears Into
‘Pretend President’ Trump

Impartial’ Fact-Checkers Are Revealing
Their Partisanship Against Trump

INSANE: Women At NPR Can’t Recall
Trump-As-Mean-Boss Stories In 2016??