Must Know Headlines


Gallop Poll CEO: ‘Forty-Two Million Seekers
Of Citizenship Or Asylum  Are Watching To Determine
Exactly When And How To Make The Move’ To The US

‘Show Of Force’, Vehicles Line One Mile
Of Texas Border To Deter Caravan

WATCH Brutal MS-13 Murder On NYC
Subway In Ocasio-Cortez’s District Goes Viral,
She’s Called For The Abolition Of ICE

Green New Deal Is Revamped Communist Manifesto


Democrat Ilhan Omar Uses Anti-Jewish Smear About
Money: ‘She Might As Well Call Us Hook-Nosed’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Immigration And
Customs Enforcement ‘Does Not Deserve A Dime’

Elizabeth Warren” Trump ‘May Not Even Be A Free Person’ In 2020

House Democrats Block Request To Vote On
Bill To Stop Infanticide For A Third Time

Northam Refers To Slaves As ‘Indentured Servants’

Willie Brown Throws Shade At Ex-Girlfriend
Kamala Harris: Can’t Beat Trump

Democrat-Activist Media

Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Streisand Get Standing
Ovations at Clive Davis Pre-Grammys Event

 SNL Does Humor-Free Celebration Of Leftist Women In Congress

WATCH SNL Offers Leaden Tribute To ‘Women Of Congress’:
Two Anti-Semites, One Raging Socialist, And Pelosi

Written By Woman Named Isis, Yale University
Newspaper Article Threatens White Students

Netflix Pays Through The Nose At Sundance
For Film Celebrating Ocasio-Cortez

Nancy Pelosi Recreates Smug SOTU Clap Mocking
Trump With Katy Perry At Pre-Grammys Party

HBO To Air ‘Running With Beto’ Doc
On O’Rourke’s Failed Senate Bid

Apple And Google ALLOW “Women-Tracking” App
For Saudi Arabian Men To Track Their Wives