Must Know Headlines


 There Was No Russian Collusion,
It Was All Fake. It’s Negligence On A Stunning Scale

Fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Says
There Were Multiple DOJ Meetings About How
To Remove President Trump From Office

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘Death To America’
Actually Means ‘Death To American Leaders’

Trump Demands California Pay Back Federal
Government For Canceled Bullet Train Project

Legal Immigrant Angel Mom:
Nancy Pelosi ‘Oughta Be Arrested’

ILLEGAL Immigration

 State Reports Record Number Of Child Rape
Charges Against Illegal Aliens In Nearly 4 Years

ILLEGAL ALIEN Killed Ex-Girlfriend Dumping
Her Body In A Suitcase In Connecticut


House Democrats Block Request To Vote On
Bill To Stop Infanticide For A Fifth Time

WATCH: Ilhan Omar Despicably ATTACKS Trump Witness In
Venezuela Hearing In Heated Exchange

Ilhan Omar Was Arrested In 2013, Here’s Her Mugshot

Stacey Abrams’ No Profit Slapped With Its 7th Tax Lien

OUTRAGEOUS: Linda Sarsour Tells Jews What’s Good For Them

‘Unbelievable, Aggressive, Abrasive’ — Sen. Scott Slams
Rep. Omar’s Behavior Toward Elliott Abrams

Hillary Clinton Defends 12,000 Late-Term Abortions

Democrat-Activist Media

2,202 Minutes On Russia Scandal,
Zero For Report On No Collusion

Network Blackout Of Investigation Finding
Covington Kids Did Nothing Wrong