Must Know Headlines


El Paso Border Patrol Braces For Migrant Wave
By Deploying Concrete K-Rails, Concertina Wire

Trump Has Message For Spike Lee After
His ‘Racist Hit’ On Him At Oscars

Paul Manafort Indicted & In Solitary Confinement
While Hillary & Creepy Podesta Brothers  Run Free
– Manafort Worked For Podestas!

GRAPHIC: Conservative Activist Punched On UC Berkeley Campus


Kamala Harris Says ‘Of Course’ We Can Afford
Green New Deal, Medicare For All And ‘It’s Not About A Cost’

Jussie Smollett Directed Brothers To Pour
Gas On Him And Yell Slurs, Prosecutor Says

Ocasio-Cortez Rips Into Critics of Green New
Deal: ‘I’m The Boss, How About That?’

Laredo Mayor Names Pelosi ‘Honorary President
Of The Republic Of The Rio Grande’

Freshman Democrat Rep. Ayanna
Pressley Pushes For Impeachment

Move Over Millennials, Oregon Lawmakers
Introduce Bill To Lower Voter Age To 16


Remember When Venezuela Banned Private Gun Ownership?

Rubio Threatens Gadaffi-Style Ending For Venezuela’s Maduro

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