Must Know Headlines


Virginia Governor’s Wife (D) Handed Cotton To Black Students,
Told Them To Imagine Being Enslaved, Report Says

Transgender Activist Charged With Arson
For Burning Her Own Home, Killing 5 Pets

Trump Cuts Short North Korea Summit After Dispute
Over Sanctions: ‘Sometimes You Have To Walk’

Senate Committee: US College Violated Law,
Took Chinese Cash To Host What China’s
Own Officials Call Propaganda


Illegal Alien Accused Of Beating
Newborn Son To Potential Death

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Convicted
Of Child Rape After Release By Sanctuary City

Michael Cohen

RNC Video Hits Michael Cohen:
“Have Fun In Prison!”

Cohen Says He Was a Good Lawyer To Trump: ‘I Believe So

Once A Perjurer, Always A Perjurer


Cummings On Cohen: ‘I Believe He Told The Truth’

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren,
Kirsten Gillibrand And Amy Kolbuchar Voted For Infanticide

President Trump: Democrats ‘Don’t Mind
Executing Babies AFTER Birth’

Payments To Ocasio-Cortez Boyfriend
Spur FEC Complaint From Republican Group

Meadows Clashes With Tlaib In Hearing
After She Says He Engaged In A ‘Racist Act’

Democrat-Activist Media

ICYMI: WaPo Buried Dem VA Lt. Gov Sexual Assault
Allegation, But Run With Obama Voter
Who Says Trump Kissed Her

Lemon Literally Applauds Dem Who Lectured GOPer Over Racism

Obsession: CNN, MSNBC Spend 428 Minutes
On Cohen, 12 On NoKo Summit